What with the one block in Aviary


While I was playing Hunt with Makrov I flew on to that big cement cube between the big cages where the tyrant spawns. Makrov asks why is this block here, and hank replies that you just need somewhere to put a block. Now i want to know why that block is there we need someone to come up with a lore on that block ASAP.



What a terrible minecraft reference.



It is the best Minecraft reference.


Lore confirmed, it is now canon.


Uhhuh… Yeah, okay.


Ok the block… gimme sec i need to decode this! , ok so a block has 8 corners so we take the 8 corners we then divide by 2 where did i get 2 from? From the two people talking about the block now 8 divided by 2 = 4 - 1 that represents the block and the other 3 corners representing each major chunk of the map the snow biomes seperately and the main area. now if we take a look at the mini map and place the three points that we got from the corners we can begin to draw a sha-(Zzzt!!!)- it means nothing my fellow forum goers! . NOTHING. Its simply a geometracally satisfying shape without meaning…nothing at all! . Trust me! im your friendly posh banana with a gentlemens capabilities