What will this weekends Medic Community Challenge be?


Since Laz lost last the last challenge, we will be offered a Medic challenge to redeem him.

Who and what skill do you think the challenge will be for?

I’m really hoping for a Val weak spot challenge. Like rack up “X” amount of damage with her weak spots.

This will be a great way for all the hunters to work on their shooting accuracy.

I just hope people don’t go too overboard with the sniper rifle and forget to heal teammates!

What do you guys think?


Maybe a Slim challenge of having to keep the monster in a spore cloud for X amount of time.


Its gonna be a :val_cute: challenge, I can feel it.


I want a Caira challenge maybe covering certain distance with acceleration field or healing multiple teammates a certain amount of times.

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They said they are avoiding the T4 Hunters/Monsters as part of the challenges because it’s hard to set goals since not everyone has them. /:

Yeah, probably Val. Be better if it was more focused on her healing though - like heal 200,000,000 points of damage. Something that focused on their healing aspect rather than the other pieces of their kit.




@Quirkly’s source is reliable, considering this have happened before:


For the love of all that is good I hope it focuses on heals.


I need a Val predator skin. I need it.

Please make it this weekend, @MacMan! I don’t wanna miss it :anguished:


Holy shit that is wild.

TRS, you guys are some sneaky devs.

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As long as we don’t have to use her god awful sniper, I’m fine with a Val challenge, since she is my fav.


Well so far it seems to be tough match-ups.
Maybe something like "keep monsters tranqued for 1,000,000 seconds?
(Random number)


1,000,000 isn’t enough given how easy it is to shoot a pub kraken with a tranq x3


I think weak spot challenge, too. It seems to be one of the most under-used medic abilities, which is what they usually go for on the challenges. That, and I love playing as Val, so more incentive to play.

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I got all my Medics Elited except for Caira and I’m working on finsihsing her Elite Masteries, so I am well prepared for this weekend’s challenge (hopefully).


I think I’ve posted it elsewhere, but here’s the challenge I’d like to see (albeit not THIS weekend because it would conflict with the Hunters Quest one - DONT have them simultaneously!)

Bug Swatting:

  1. All 4 monsters vs Slim as follows: any game with Slim counts. If the monster wins, add a point to that monster’s Bug Swatting total for the event.
  2. Whichever of the 4 monsters has the highest Bug Swatting total at the end of the event, wins a skin.
  3. If enough total Slims are swatted during the course of the event, Slim also gets a skin for being a good sport about it.
  4. Slim is available for everyone to play for the duration of the challenge. This ensures everyone can take part, and the ‘preview’ mechanic may get some people to actually buy him after the weekend if they liked it.

This event should be doable with the current telemetry tracking system. Merging in the idea of a ‘free weekend’ for a T4 character is honestly something I’d like to see in more events; it could drum up interest for more people to get the season pass if they don’t have it already, or win over some that might be on the fence about it once they are able to try it for themselves.

Another grab bag of event ideas:

  1. Slowdown Central - Trapper showdown; how long can you hold or slow the monster? Every second the Monster is held/slowed by harpoons/stasis effects counts. Whichever trapper gets the most Slowed Time over the weekend wins a skin. Val could maybe also be added into the mix, but it might be better to keep this Trapper-Only.

  2. Demolition Derby: Shear - There are breakable objects on the maps. There is already an achievement that fires after enough objects are broken, so this is a trackable statistic. For this event, simply break ALL THE THINGS - some huge number of environment objects to destroy between hunters and monsters. Go nuts with the nuke cannon, lob rockets, smash everything! Because this is a non class or character specific challenge, picking a recipient of the reward might be hard; some sort of a skin grab bag? If there are tiered rewards to shredding Shear, more tiers = more rewards. Break everything!

  3. Lone Survivor - I’m not sure how trackable this is, but how many times can a single hunter manage to survive long enough for their team to return? Reward that monster-evasion skill! Any match composition works; add 1 to success count every time a dropship arrives and only one hunter is alive. You can either reward the hunter that gets away the most, or reward the monster who has the LEAST hunters get away against them; don’t play with your food Monsters, finish them!

  4. Body Count - Evacuation seems to be falling into disuse. Let’s fix that. This event would count the Day 5 final evacuation results and use it to determine who wins… something. Hopefully something big, because it takes a while to do a full Evacuation campaign.


I like the Evac one - a set of Monster skins (a skin for each of the three original Monsters) or a tier of Hunter skins (a full set for whatever tier they pick). Not a lot of people play Evac and this could get a few more people trying it out.



If it was a competition between the 2 stasis or the 2 harpoons it might be fair but if its just which trapper has the most slow time would be stacked against maggie or griffin. Cause there is only so long you can keep a monster harpooned while stasis you can keep up for the entire dome.

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My guess would have been Val since we already had Laz. Caira is the most used already and they like to use less popular characters for challenges to boost use. Slim is dlc so not everyone has him.
It’s obviously Val… Most likely bonus damage with the sniper rifle I bet.