What will Goliath get?

Ok so just watched the stream and i’m optimistic about this weekends wraith challenge but according to TRS staff there will be no repeat of the Goliath gold skin and he already has the frostbite skin. So what will Goliath get if anything at all hopefully they don’t fill a third week with some kind of tournament as i’m assuming next weekend will be another community challenge.

I hope just a new, different skin. Personally, i want something bright, and striking, like with Krakens Man O’War and Calypso skin:D

Wasp skin Goliath?

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I think that the idea is that last week’s tournament with the Taurus skin was goliath’s week, which is why there isn’t a gold skin week. At least that’s the impression I got! That said, we’ll probably see a TRS Gold skin week for Goliath sometime in the future since it’s not exclusive.


goliath has already had his week. it was the community tourney for the Taurus skin. the wraith challenge weekend is the third challenge weekend

they said straight up Goliath will get no.do-over

hopefully. we get monster victory skins

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The way I took it was to mean not this month. Last I checked, time exclusivity only is the policy. I don’t think that’s changed.

Ohhhhhhh i want to see that! Call it bumblebee though:D

No, bumblebee is for Behemoth :smiley:


Idk. i think they meant it literally but you might be right… and they said they’d all be timed but imo it sounded like no gold goliath ever

It was emphasized it is exclusive for those that played since early on that will be the only exclusive skin not their words exactly but they did say there will be no do over for Goliath that this was a “reward” and i doubt there will be a victory skin for monsters. First it would look mostly like elite monster skin secondly no hunter skin is shared by monsters.

Awww I’d love to see that skin on Bob!:smile: I love the rock/mineral idea of skins for him, but I’d like to see some unique ones

I think it’s fair, the new players get something (even thought not huge) to reward them for sticking with the game:)

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Ive been withe the game since release and i didnt get those skins im not sad i dont get goliath though i want blood rock behemoth cuz i feel cheated.

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Idk as long as I get sexy blue skin wraith

Was that a free release skin?

blood rock no it was a challenge

They said on stream they won’t be giving away Goliath’s gold skin again. Those who have it now have it but they won’t give it away again.


I said that shredder -.-