What were the worst fights you've been in?


So, we’ve all had those moments when you’ve realized that you are just in a terrible position to fight the monster. Sometimes you somehow manage to scrape out with just making very little progress, sometimes you get set up for an easy win against you. So tell us your horror stories about the bad domes and engagements you got stuck in. I have 2 stories personally that really stood out as just being downright nasty. 1 resulted in no strikes or health damage for either team, the other cost us the game.

So, the first was on The Dam map and it took place partly inside the caves and partly in the river. So we threw out the dome as when the monster was in the caves and was trying to escape out across the river. I’d say about 90% of the area was in the caves and about 10% in the river. So, the dome comes down and naturally the kraken we were facing took control of the outside. This might not have been much of a problem, except the cave was infested with dune beetles, reavers, and a pack of trapjaws. My team was huddled up at the cave entrance trying to hit the kraken while I, Val, was trying to kill these creatures because I didn’t want to expose myself to the kraken as he tended to want to focus me. Was not a very fun dome lol.

The other dome was probably even worse. We were on Fusion Plant and the monster had Evolved inside of the cave in the tyrant pit. So why was this a problem? We had him cornered, he had nowhere to run, and he was very tender. Well, as it turned out, the dome cut off his exit, and I was playing Laz. I tried warning my team not to go in there, take pot shots with rifles and call it a win, but no. They got greedy. Once the first person went down, the match quickly turned. The goliath stayed back and camped the body and the other 2 tried going in after him… yeah. People don’t seem to realize that Laz is a very claustrophobic character. If you don’t give him room to do his job, he will crack under the pressure. And sure enough, how in the hell is Laz going to revive a hunter literally right in front of the monster? hint It doesn’t happen. We ended up losing quite miserably under that blue dome.


I have to say I just experienced mine. It was on evacuation, and it was essentially 2 maps in a row where the monster just decimated us. One was a Nest mission (I don’t remember which map unfortunately) but one of the Eggs spawned inside a very tight hallway. We went in well ahead of the monster to kill it (it was the last egg alive) and the monster came in and killed two of us because we couldn’t escape the hallway due to him blocking the exit. The other two ran until the dropship came back in, and we were unable to even remotely approach the egg for the remainder of the map because the monster just sat on top of it and then scared us off of it whenever we grew near. THe followup map was a control/defend final mission, and the monster started the game stage three with full armor and we literally couldn’t do a damn thing the entire game. We killed the grunts as fast as we could but the monster just showed up and would knock us away and then run and repeat. WE couldn’t fight the monster and we couldn’t fight the grunts (who apparently have massive attack-hit boxes since they were hitting me from 20 feet away AND the generator at the same time).


One time I was paired up with hunters that would not communicate or listen to me or pings. I would tell them to split up in pairs to track the monster faster, but they would stick to me like bots because I always tried to cut the monster off. The Goliath figured out what was going on and always re-traced his steps to avoid us. Eventually he hit stage 2 and demolished the whole team due to clustering in the arena.