What weapons/abilities/items would you like to see new Hunters have?

There needs to be a Trapper with a revolver, there just needs to be. I think Griffin probably should have had one but too late obviously.

Dual wielding revolvers would be epic. Or some kind of lever action rifle, there’d have to be replicas for weapons like that in their time surely.

I’d like to see another robot too, maybe a robot Assault? A female Assault would be cool too but some kind of battle droid would be cool to see(not to mention convo’s with Bucket)
Not sure what weapons, thinking laser weaponry though.

A Support with some kind of “magnet” gun would be cool, sort of like the damage amp but it makes Hunters projectiles home in on the target Monster, within reason nothing past their range.

A Trapper with some kind of “bait” would be cool.
Throw it on the Monster and wildlife will attack it, if the Monster eats it then it gets a small bar of armour but also gets poisoned for direct health damage. Could very well change the tide of battle, the armour might be just enough for the Monster to win if it had none already but if the Hunters escape it takes a permanent loss.

Some kind of brute Medic with like 3 times as much health as normal, standard Healing Burst, some kind of rifle and a secondary “siphon” healing ability where they pump their own health in to a team mate for major heals but reduction to their own health.
That would change matches up, no longer would Medic be the obvious first choice since it will take a long time for them to go down.

What are your ideas for new weapons/abilities/items?
Within reason of course.

I would love a lever action rifle or a bow for a trapper.

I would also like a hunter with the ability to poison meat that would cause it to decay slightly faster and damage the monster if it ate it.

Robot assault would be cool so would female assault I really liked


I would love to see a Medic with a weapon that slows down the Monsters Traversal cooldown rate. Not by too much but enough so you notice it has slowed down.

I’m really getting sick of these forums, we’ve discussed this multiple times- The devs have confirmed that tier 5 is 5 more Buckets.

It’s all we need in life.


I need 5 more buckets all with different chassis. Mmm gimme some of dat android bucket and some of that bulldozer bucket and maybe even a wotan bucket.

mmm wotan

5 Buckets?
Maybe a giant Bucket Monster. :scream:

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Yessss! I’ve always wanted that kind of thing for decaying meat.

So many times in public matches I’ve had to camp near a dead Albino Tyrant because my team mates didn’t think the Monster coming back around and getting its health back to full would be a big deal…

As a Monster I’ve done it so many times too, take note of where the Tyrant is and come get it later or wait for them to kill it then swoop in and get the perk. They make it so easy.

Another cool weapon for a Hunter, not sure what maybe Support would be some kinda breach charge like what S.W.A.T. etc use to open doors only futuristic to crack ship hulls.
Place up to 5 on the Monster, have to shoot them to detonate. Monster can remove them by evolving otherwise it just has to be swift.

There are a lot of throwables in the game already though that’s the only thing.

That idea for an Assault sounds awesome

Anything but another damn shotgun.


Could work make the breaching charges deal equivalent of a mines worth of damage and give you a weak point like Val. Hopefully they’d make it difficult enough to make it balanced.

Bow! Lever action rifle would be awesome too, but you gotta realize that by this time it/they would be about 500 years old. So it might not make sense.

All we need is a shotgun.
No, we need a robot made of shotguns!

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Yeah I really need a trapper that doesn’t use harpoons or stasis.

Abe has a Revolver that fires Tracking Darts :wink:


I think they want Dirty Harry in space though.

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A Support with Damage amp grenades. Think Abes Stasis grenades but damage amp rather than stasis. weak against kraken though. not sure how to work around that

The supports weapon would be a laser that increases in damage the longer it is hitting. Incremental damage increase. If you have ridiculously good aim it would be astronomical damage. Reward good aim. As soon as the laser isn’t hitting it restarts. Think orbital. Really good against evolving monsters.

The special would be a class amp field. Class abilities get a 33% increase if activated within the field. Heal burst heal 33% more. Personal shield takes 33% more damage before breaking. Arena lasts 33% longer. This only affects abilities activated in the field. Abilites activated outside AOE are normal.

Number need tweaking but I feel the concept is balanced.

A Trapper that always could see tracks sneaking or not would be interesting. It would be somewhat similar to Daisy. However Daisy can lead you to the monster if you totally lose him. This would require you to always have some idea where he is. You cant follow tracks if you arent close enough to see them.

Her weapon would be a cross bow that leaves weak spots. 2x like Val.

Her CC would be a some sort of mine that make the monster completely stationary for 2 seconds. Think bear trap. It would have an arming time and be destroy-able before that. However if you trigger it is completly punishing. You are completely stationary for 2 seconds.

i want this ability for bucket: be able to give your cloak away to other hunters like slims health drone. its a nice support ability to cloak others from a distance…

and i really want to see a female assault… fe i like athena from borderlands, she has a nice style.

Well, it could be modified I’m sure Abe could make one fire laser bullets or some crap like that :smile:

There’d definitely be people who love old weapons like that anyway so there’d probably be a lot of modern replica’s.
Griffin is the sort of character I thought would have one, come on he’s clearly meant to be some kinda Crocodile Dundee dude…
A missed opportunity.

Actually considering two of the Trappers are cowboyish maybe another class should have old style weapons I guess.

We need a Trapper with some kind of camo or stealth ability, not plain invisibility but something like it. Or maybe traps the Monster can’t smell.