What we think about the balance


Hi! I just wanna tell the game is not so balanced as the devs think.

Wraith, Gorgon dmg is nonsense! Need dmg nerf not cooldown increase!! omg…
These monsters always on win streak and if someone choose wraith always 3 player leave the game as me! Hahaha let the facking unbalanced wraith play against bots :smiley: just press all the ability buttons and win nothing to do with wraith!

  • So easy and fast to get stage 2 or 3 all the monsters and easy win for they this is annoying too
    Hunters need more moreeeeee dmg to get some balance, Daisy almost useless. just reviving…
    1 monster ability dmg from monster almost death for a hunter -.-

More moreee easy to learn with monster and get 3-4 win streak than the hunters
we need communicate in chat or microphone and learn teamwork, all the hunters often new with her char…
Total unbalanced game for monsters


I think that wraith and gorgon are getting tweaked, so thats good.


Wraith and Gorgon have always been pain points, since they’re real pub stompers


On a long run cooldown increase is a damage nerf.
Personally I don’t think I’ve lost a single game against Wraith after tweak patch. I play with premade teams and pubs.
I know it’s pain to deal with as a new player, especially in pubs like LordDerp said, but game by game you become better at countering one.