What we love about Evolve!


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Here is a place to put all the love we have for TRS and Evolve. Let’s keep them motivated by showing them some love! (Please finish all loving posts with “Thank you TRS”)

I love how this game combines FPS, sci-fi, giant monster destruction, tactical play, and murderous mammoth birds!

Thank you TRS <3


The environment of the maps, characters, team work based hunting.


I love (whether it was intentional or not) that the game constantly evolves when one side comes up with a new strategy causing counterplay to arise. Never played another game like it.

Plus I love the glory of the hunt


I love the art design, sound FX and strategy of knowing when and when not to fight.


I love the character design, there is not a single faut pas in the whole hunter / monster line-up.
I love the design of the menues and the gritty, Terminator-2-inspired atmosphere of the game.
I love the genuine joy And anticipation I feel before a match, because every session is unique and every combination of hunters/monster sets the stage.
I love the fact that I want to play this game because it is FUN, not because it offers a thousand rewards and makes noob players feel empowered. It offers nothing but fun for those who are 100% invested in the idea of playing one specific and complementary role, and one role only.

When I was playing L4D2 I knew Turtlerock got it figured out, making intelligent games with high quality writing to each character. Storytelling focusng on setting and delivery of stories via oral tradition.

Evolve is a consequent next step in the right direction.