What we know


About the monsters
•They’re definitely not native to shear
•They showed up roughly around the time the colonists arrived
•They caused the fall of Factor
•They’re the same species
•They’re immune to radiation

About the hunters
•They were hired to exterminate the monsters
•NORDITA seemed to know about the monsters before hand,hinting towards them making or finding the monsters earlier.
•All DLC hunters are from after the fall of shear,and are not apart of the original crew.
•Maggie and Daisy were the only survivors of the fall of Factor,and witnessed a behemoth and an egg layer in action.
•All the hunters were recruited by Cabot,who in turn was recruited by NORDITA.
•At least 3 units from the mutagen wars are apart of the team. The Rage troopers,Lazarus Men,and the Chem troopers.

Feel free to add anything and I’ll update this as it goes.


What proof do we have that Ebonstar knows about what’s going on? Their mercs under the hire of NORDITA, last I checked.


In a conversation between Cabot and Caira on the Wraith trap map Cabot questions them saying they had that whole structure built in 24 hours. Caira confirmed it wasn’t true and Cabot realizes they lied to the crew

Edit: had to re read what you said so I’ll change it to NORDITA now.


We know for a fact that they are not native to Shear.


Ok I’ll change it to defiantly not from shear


the fact that they keep stressing they aren’t native and attacked a colony before hand leads me to believe they’re actually NORDITA avatars controlled remotely by humans / genetic engineering


NO…I believe in TRS,I know they won’t copy something James Cameron made.

Edit: Well,maybe. Disregard the James Cameron part. •_•


james cameron made shit


Maggie and daisy were the only survivors from Factor. she said she saw some rock like creatures and ones that made more monsters.(Possibly Behemoth and scrapped idea of the parasite) backgrounds on some of the hunters have also been posted on another thread


If it was scrapped I don’t think they would have mentioned it,so I’m still hoping for an egg layer


it was scrapped

macman mentioned somewhere that they tried a parasite monster that controlled wildlife before and spawned minions, but that it was innefective and less fun to use.

the community was polling on designing a monster that ended up as a parasite just before the launch


I’ll post the link to the stories.


Oh I know the parasite was scrapped,I’m thinking of something much more evil.


They never stated it was the Host.



Defiantly is like when you saw something in a defiant tone. Like you are defying someone.


That’s why I said possibly, and I thought the name was the parasite?


The host was its nickname


The Host was it’s real name. It was a Parasite monster. And I was just clarifying for you.


Anything else


Sorry if I have insulted you in my response in some way, thanks for the clarification Rapterror