What was the Kinect's function in Evolve supposed to be?


I think I remember back when the XBone was still just coming out that all games on it HAD to support the Kinect in someway. I’m just curious about what TRS was going to do with it and are you still going to have that function?


Most likely the voice recognition function:
“I need health”, “monster over there” and so on will have resulting HUD pop ups
Might be fun for the monster… The player shouting “RAAAWWWRR!!” Will make the monster do exactly that- an on command roar is what most people want apparently


I’m going with Jarvis22 on voice recognition or chat. Using it to control Daisy would be brill, but sticking the “Better with Kinect” label on the case just for half a character seems a bit silly! I won’t lose any sleep if Evolve doesn’t have Kinect support though ^^


I was just reading an article about how the Kinect has been pretty much left out to dry and it reminded me of this and I was curious what Evolve had planned to use with it


Bought the Xbox1 without Kinect! Never bought one for my 360 as well!


I’m not gonna comment on that because I’m not wanting to start bashing Microsoft on here which I feel like I probably would, I just was interested in knowing its function


I totally read the title as “kraken’s function” then read the post about the kinect, and pictured someone lurching around their living room with pool noodles to play as the kraken.


That’s Insanely Awesome.


Maybe squad commands like in Mass Effect 3 when you’re not playing with anyone? Other than that I don’t see any way it could be implemented, unless you get to act like the Monster and stomp around your living room.


The feature of the Kinect is to increase your power bill slightly :slight_smile:


Microsoft has a deal with the power companies. The Kinect is always left on and uses more power, and the power companies give more money to Microsoft and the power companies get more money. XP


Nothing confirmed for Kinect functionality. Stay tuned!


You can use the Kinect Wand as a weapon to slowly bludgeon your sibling/spouse/SO so that you can get more game time playing Evolve. (Batteries not included)


I really don’t think kinect would be great for this game, it would be like putting your arms in the air to make kraken fly and what would you do so the kinect knows which ability to use, too exhausting :tired_face: (apparently this is a tired face)


That is what’s wrong with Kinect as a whole. If I sit down to game it’s because I want to take a break from manual labor and physical exertion; not because I want to stay fit and jump around like a monkey. It’s sole redeeming feature is that it makes one heck of a remote control. The other drawback is that it’s an NSA wet dream.


Clearly the Kinect feature was going to be for Maggie. There would be a mini-game with Daisy like the Pokemon Amie feature in X and Y. Clearly. :wink: