What was the biggest "noob" annoyance from the beta for you?


For me it had to be orbital barrage. In all of the games I’ve played I did not see one person use it effectively. Most of the time all it did was blast most of the team backwards and scatter everyone away from eachother and from the monster. This was especially annoying when you were chasing a monster who was fleeing and for some reason Hank players would drop a barrage that seemingly was targetted directly on the monster’s head but obviously misses to instead blast the whole team back, thus allowing the monster to escape.

then ofc people missing domes constantly


Missing domes were big. It forced me to main Trapper in the beginning because if the guy had no idea what he was doing your games ended up being longer than necessary or straight up lose.

Also Medics not healing at all and Assault players acting cowardly and not going in to engage and deal damage. I’ve had one instance where an Assault stayed back and engaged halfway into the duration when the dome was up for no good reason.


My biggest peeve was the medic never healing themselves between fights. After that I guess it was people not shooting plants that I was stuck in when I’m right on front of them, and people rezzing the hunters when I’m Lazarus, one time I was right next to the guy but I was helpless


This feels like it might turn negative but I’ll chime in anyway. It was either trappers that would never boost or cut off a monster so we basically never stopped it from feeding or fought it at a decent level, or supports that never changed from the Laser Cutter. That one was surprisingly common and it wasn’t until playing Hank myself that I realised how fantastic the shield generator is.


yeah one reason i started playing assault a bit was because I realized assault is 60% of the teams damage if not more. A lot of assault players had trouble keeping up with the monster and getting in range to actually do damage, or were just too cowardly to do so. Either way, it was annoying having the monster domed and tranqd only to see its health bar not moving.


it’s definitely negative

it’s healthy to complain sometimes


When hank orbital barraged me out of my own arena… it was all fine if he didn’t precisely throw me into a plant… ( i was trapper )


Playing as Laz and people rezzing other players.
Having someone play Val that apparently got stuck on Sniper Rifle mode.
Having a trapper never dome OR harpoon.
Having the assault be a chicken wuss and not engage the monster.

Basically my pet peeve was people not fulfilling their role and then complaining about losing afterwards. :stuck_out_tongue:


Beta still to come…Soooo have hope for better things than the alpha!

But trappers suck when they don’t, what’s that word? Trap. I was trapper and I used my traps soooo often that the monster came after me alot. Gotta say, if the trapper does the trapping, it saves lives. Yank that beast out of the air before they collide with a team mate…what’s that? Doing my job helps the medic do less of theirs? Someone needs to teach these people about the assault class…considering that’s what most people were trying to do most in this game rather than there job…


Playing as val, and spotting the monster evolving to stage 2, he JUST started the process, I pinged it, I typed it, I shot it, everyone just said I wonder where the monster is… then they kept walking by past the bridge the monster was directly under, I didn’t stop pinging and kept shooting it with tranq and sniper, it attacked me and killed me and then they never noticed me die either… I just simply had to leave due to how oblivious they were even when they all had voice chat.


thats easy, awfull Orbital Barrages end of story.



rahc rimil 01


People who don’t even know what there abilities are.
Had a trapper that didn’t know hot to take the dome down.
Had a Val who had to be taught with voice chat how to use the healing burst to heal themselves.
Assault (Markov) that never used the assault rifle. Only used the lightning gun and waited for it to recharge.
Players who didn’t know that shooting a Megamouth or plant frees hunters. (usually me in the plant/ megamouth)
Monsters that would walk aroung and do nothing while there abilities recharge. (mostly level 1’s with 1 or 2 abilities)


Getting caught by wildlife with a teammate right next to you, who proceeds to completely ignore you.

Or a teammate who runs off by himself and is killed by the Monster/wildlife. Oh so frustrating.


Most of these things will work themselves out in time as people explore their characters and learn more…you could definitely see the difference after each day of play. Once the matchmaker kicks in true it’s going to be a blast. That said, it was annoying playing with people who spammed different abilities but I figured it was to gain the mastery to get to the next tier level. That was both annoying to play with a character doing that and then being forced to do that yourself. I don’t think this will be a problem come launch because we won’t feel the need to unlock everything right away (or will we?) in a set frame of time given to us. The Alpha (and probably the beta too) will suffer the fate of everyone trying to unlock everything as fast as possible to get to play certain characters as fast as possible and get a look at everything as fast as possible…and this will lead to more events like seemingly endless orbital barrages.


As far as I know the numbers have been changed around to make progression more natural too.

During the alpha, for the Assaults at least, you needed a massive amount of damage with your zone control skills to unlock the masteries or whatever they’re called. For example, to get level 1 with the mines you needed to do about 19,000 damage I think. Luckily this counted wildlife too but that’s still compared to about 4000 for the lightning gun as an example. One game I was playing with friends, day 2 of the alpha, I wanted Hyde and just had the mine mastery left (with a lot of damage to go) so I almost solely used it in a fight. Luckily it was still early levels so my friends could lure Goliath through them so I didn’t really lose out on DPS, Got a huge boost towards the milestone from that game but didn’t achieve it and this was with about 5000 damage already done before that game.

With Hyde it was even worse, level 1 toxic grenades wanted you to do 35000 damage with them or something like that!

We’ve been told that the numbers have been changed to make that less of an issue.


Everyone ignored Daisy. We’d land and there’d be no tracks and the team would just charge straight ahead without bothering to see what Daisy thought. As monster I came to count on this, but as a hunter it was irritating…
“Baysin, where are you going?”
“Daisy seems to think…”
“The team is going this way, noob!”

EDIT: also I was guilty of some bad orbital barrages. Sorry! I just found it really hard to get right. I’d try to use it either when I thought the monster would sit still for a couple of seconds or when I felt sure it’d run straight for a bit, but even then it wouldn’t always activate when I thought it should or it wouldn’t hit where I thought I was aiming or I’d just get the timing wrong. I really thought it was a hard skill to use right!


When the orbital barrages pushed players (monster and hunters alike) outside of the arena and across the map.


Note: This isn’t happening to me but I assume it happens to players that do this.
When you are seperated from the group (but very close) and you walk right by it and not see it. Making the team go the other way.
I could only imagine what that Support was thinking when he saw on the recap when he walked right by me. :smiley:


For me it was Val players not healing. I just pinged then endlessly and jumped around in their face and they got the idea though and healed me.

Also, people not realising what Lazarus does and reviving teammates. I feel like there should be a notifcation that says “Lazarus is on your team. Let him revive to prevent a strike”.