What was that ? xD


I never seen a thing like that after 800 hours at this game…O_o


When Goliath decides to give the hunters a taste of tinkerbell-revenge.

I have never seen anything like that either…was he really lagging?


Well, what did you expect? He’s a dragon.


how was he still hitting the hunters despite walking on the air?


Sky Goliath UP please buff!


What? You didn’t know goliath could fly?


New adaptation confirmed!


seems you’re just the one lagging or something, your team mates shots in the right direction to where the monster is supposed to be.


Seems like a visual glitch, he was still acting like he should while on the ground, and it fixed itself when he climbed up the ledge at “his level” more or less.

Not really lag or maybe it was but probably something so small and rare it can’t or shouldn’t even be bothered to be fixed.


Actually…while I haven’t had anything like this happen in actual versus Hunt, this reminds me of a weird annoying/hilarious glitch I’ve encountered in bot practice as Goliath. Seemingly particularly against Lennox with her autocannon…for some reason, if hit while above her (on a ledge or in midair) the shots sometimes seem to actually juggle me skyward, even higher than I’ve been able to fly with Kraken! Alas, I have no footage or proof of this glitch, and it has yet to happen to me in actual online content, so I just wrote it off as a weird amusing physics engine quirk.

Hadn’t really thought about it again until I saw this.


Pretty much how I feel as a Lennox vs a Kraken.