What was that, in the bushes


So many times have I evaded being caught by just hiding in bushes, being literally one foot away from the hunters, my favorite, though, is hiding just under small ledges, and the hunters jumping over me, while i slip back the way they came.

one of my last games of the beta, hunter had just barely caught in the arena, i had landed in a very small bush and a anda leafless tree then fell on me, the perfect camo,an assault is standing litterally next to me, then the shield drops, and I rush forward and hide around a corner and pretend to be a rock,the hunters again walk right past me, they kill an albino and decide to kill a tyrant, i then sneak up and eat the albino while their backs are turned, then when they left i went right for that glorious sack of meat. Stage 3 was only 20 seconds later.

whats your cool / favorite bush hiding stories


This is why you need Daisy in a team. I can’t count just how many times she stopped moving, refusuing to pursue the monster… only to realize that the monster is HOLLY SHIT THAT ROCK IS POUNCING ME!!!


The best part is i have hid from daisy, gotta love when hunters dont watch or listen to her


(Professor Cabot): "Don’t go into the tall grass alone. Wild monsters like to hide there. Take this Trapjaw [gives Daisy]

(Maggie): “Thanks, Professor Cabot! I’m off to be the galaxy’s greatest planet tamer!”

[Maggie walks into tall grass]

[Cue Pokémon theme]

[Wild Goliath appeared!]

[Goliath used Flamethrower!]

[Maggie and Daisy died…]


No tackle is the best move


I’m a personal fan of Rock Throw myself.


Haha yea Daisy sometimes has a good use.
but in beta (even if she is not that way useless anymore as she was in alpha) she still prefers a 50/50 correct soundcall.
ive seen her many times howl the wrong direction


on distillery where the objective is there is a bush over there. stage 1 goliath and we hid in that bush. daisy had found us and had the monster symbol and EVERYONE was surrounding the bush looking around wondering why daisy had some. i kid you not it had to have been at least 15 seconds before markov finally checked the bush. where we charged and leaped out of there before the dome came down lol.


I’ve done this so many times its ridiculous. And once, on Fusion Plant, the Hunters were on the platform overlooking the jungles, with the waterfall off to the side. I hid in the waterfall for AGES. Fun.


I also love running one way and when I notice the hunters trying to cut me off, take the route right back making the hunters take a detour towards me instead of a shortcut.

That, or sneak somewhere, walk a circle normally and sneak out. I’ve managed to make a group of hunters (no Maggie) circle around twice before noticing.


I played with you a bit, one time I saw you in the waterfall and was trying to play it cool, till up comes support (i think) and starts shooting at you. It made me slightly sad


My best moment was when i discovered a the monster in the bush. Our communication went as follows;
Others: where the hell did it go?
Me: wait? ahhh is that…
Others: maybe he used the river
Me: haha… oh shit…
Others: lets just go this way
Me: Guys… I’m looking straight at him, hes in a the bush
Others: WHAT!!! Where? Don’t look at him!!! he will know
Me: Arggg ok (turns left a bit)
----Teammates move to position whilst i stand 5m from the monster—
Others: NOW!!! (we begin to kill the monster)


That one was pretty good.

So far as I know, I haven’t allowed any monsters to do that on my watch. I’ve even avoided walking into a pounce trap while alone.

Using audio cues is so important. Well the thing that helps me is when I don’t hear a monster tearing it up, then I know he’s stealthing and likely for a reason.

As the monster, it is so rewarding to do what you’ve just said. I’ve even hidden while Daisy is barking at me and just barely slipping around the corner, so the hunters think Daisy is wrong. It’s great. I don’t think it’ll be that easy once the hunters get better.


Was that actually you?


I definitely played with someone with a name matching yours who knew about the forums. I did change my name to The Jawa King to match my badge, so that’s probably why you don’t remember. I was playing as Laz most of the matches


I have a couple good bush stories :slight_smile: I’m hoping to get some footage up hopefully Thursday.


That was you?!

Dude, we need to play Evolve together. You’re the best Laz I’ve ever played with. Such fun.


Were you guys playing on XB1? I may have played with @Magik_boom as well. He changed his badge to look like a jawa while I was playing with him and his friend.


Thanks, I pretty much only played him in the beta in an effort to get better at him so it’s nice to know it’s working.

If I remember correctly you played support? I seem to remember you getting a lot of UAVs on the monster when he was sneaking. Plus you organised the team everynow and again when we just started running everywhere

@Seven02 Sorry, PC player here. This isn’t the jawa you’re looking for


Yep, mainly Bucket, some Hank too. And yes, just typing “regroup” and pinging your feet works wonders.