What was hunting like in Legacy Evolve?


A lot of veterans of the game are piling in to the forum to say about how they feel this game has been dumbed down, that it has lost its hide and seek elements, that it is now just a chaotic series of fights.

I thought I’d just give a place to discuss just what the game was really like for many, and why it may be the case that there is a very early case of rose tinted glasses going on!

For a start, once you reached a certain skill level there was nothing that resembled stealth as people talk about it here. Monsters had a couple of feeding routes that would get them to evolve ready before the hunters were even landed on the ground. Naturally these paths were consistent and so hunters would start by going to the spot where the monster would be.

There would be a fight, the monster would flee and the hunters would chase, from this point usually having all the tools to follow the monster to a spot where it usually wanted to fight, if it could get there before the hunters cut them off!

That’s not to say stealth wasn’t employed, juke were real and a well orchestrated move around scenery could give you that vital time and space to get away freely.

At all levels though, if the monster had truly disappeared there was only one thing for it… Wait for the evolve sound, or wait for birds to be attracted to eating.

The hunt of legacy evolve sounds grand but ultimately came down to knowledge of what a monster was certain to do for the optimal chance at winning, and waiting for carrion birds to shoot “its right here!”

And on that subject of birds, about half the matches
started with the monster getting unlucky with rng and the birds showing where they were as the hunters dropped, no different from the planet scanner!

Basically there was no hide and seek, not between equal skill levels that weren’t newbies. There was occasions where the monster would manage to give the hunters the slip, usually because of a dune beetle, megamouth or plant, but there was…outside of daisy… Nothing more than waiting for a big neon sign to drop.

Stage 2 actually offers more hunting, imo. The planet scanner means that you are never standing around hoping rng is on your side, waiting for a sign. No, you are always actually on the hunt. And because the planet scanner is like Crow’s Gobi, monsters that have experience will already know the way to trick hunters for sneaks and jukes after it’s effect wears off.

It’s time, fellow founders, to drop the pretence that legacy evolve was in effect any deeper a game than it is now when it comes to the act of tracking and hunting a monster. Legacy evolve was 50% knowledge of maps and meta, 30% luck, and 20% relying on trapper abilities. 0% was anything you could tangibly call skill. It may be that tracking the monster now also takes no skill, but luck is no longer a part of it, playing your role to it’s fullest is. Map knowledge is much less of a factor now, your judgement on whether to trust what the planet scanner is telling you is.

Enjoy the new hunt, for now, better (less rng based) than the old hunt!

The planet scanner ruins trappers

well IMO i think this is much better then the “running simulator” version :wink:


I agree, Hunting now is real hunting. It requires area knowledge, you have to be intelligent with the routes you take, and you have to outmaneuver your enemies. Before it was either “stealthing” and praying for no carrion birds or just pouring all your traversals into getting away. Now with bigger, more complex maps, it’s changed.

I like it this way, even if the doming mechanic is too simple now.


I’d like to start it off by saying I haven’t gotten the opportunity to play the new build yet. But I played plenty of the old build and know the issues.

My thing is, it’s not the hunting that is even that big of a difference. It’s the combat. Sure, stealth isn’t as viable at the lower levels but as Niaccurshi said, most good Monsters didn’t even use it anyways. Eschewed it, in fact for speed feeding.

The combat is where the changes seem to be better. Before, it was kill the Medic, kill the Assault & Trapper, while Support runs away cloaked. 2 minute wait, everyone back for a mostly full-health S3 Monster fight because they had 2 minutes to feed up and Evolve.

Or kill the Support, then kill the Medic, kill the rest of the team. Gg :slight_smile:

With the new combat system, it’s harder to just mop the floor with the team if just 1 person misses a dodge or makes 1 mistake. Now, the game doesn’t seem like it hinges on just 1 moment, 1 fight. There’s more give and take and I’ve seen some matches where Monsters get overly zealous trying to mop up and they take way too much damage.

Overall, the Hunting doesn’t seem all that different, barring the fact that anyone can throw the dome. So, yeah, you’re unable to throw those perfectly lined up domes, loop-free arenas, but maybe that’s for the best.

That’s just my 2 cents anyways - keeping in mind, again, that I haven’t gotten to try it myself.


New hunt brings lot of good innovation but with some negative consequences:
-hunt has become much more dynamic, you are actually feeling like “hunting” the monster, not “searching” the monster. Hunting is hunting, not hide and go seek…
-the learning curve of the game has changed. Still you must need a good cooperation in order to success, but it’s less punitory when you do a mistake, when before 1 mistake could actually ruin the rest of your hunt.
-game is much faster, games last less than before which is good. Some hunts in legacy could become a true torture of series of fights with constant draws.

-lack of diversity of strategy for monster. The game pace has been sped up, in consequence, the monster must be in the same way fast. You no longer have much time to set mind traps to juke or to bait the hunters in a trap.
-stage 1 puts you in a decent condition of fight. You have 1 more skill point than before which helps a lot more than you may think. Hunt was a dynamic swap of roles, the hunters hunt, the monster runs, but then the monster hunts, hunters run. The initial part of the hunt was the most decisive of a true monster player. You had to know how to juke hunters in order to survive for then fight at stage 2, because stage 1 were often a suicide. Now in order to survive you have to know how to combat.


In the original incarnation of Hunt, we had hoped the Hunters could also follow signs left by the monster’s passage. Eaten carcasses and knocked-over trees meant the monster had been there. The Spotter crying out meant the monster is near. All these things are still in the game. But they are subtle, and were probably only put to use by a tiny fraction of players.


All the true tracking clues in the game were fantastic, and sounds were great for making quick realisations. I think the pace of the game just got away from that. There was no time as a hunter to go slow and pick up on these signs, because it meant giving the monster too much time to get to fully armoured stage 2.

Because of the changes I feel that the tracking signs are more useful now than ever where they still exist (that spotter sound is lovely!) because you get pointed to an area and then at least know you are looking for clues in that specific area


I like how eaten carcasses are highlighted in red, a nice easy way to tell if the monster was recently feeding in an area. To be honest I never really paid much attention to them back in legacy.


I had some great experiences when I started, I loved stealth play and nothing was as satisfying as watching a team of hunters sprint straight past you. But then I got to level 40 and everyone knew the game, so stealth play more or less went out the window. It became an arena game where the monster had an eating minigame they had to win FAST. Stage 2 is basically a game built around that experience, like DOTA spawning from WC. For what it is, I think it’s damn good.


The game was a “running simulator”, now it became a “bossfight hunt simulator” in my opinion, the fights are way more frequent and smoother and also the game became overall less stressfull, before you had to do your damnest to not get run over by the hunters if you got domed stage 1, now since it s “fixed” you can rebounce more easily, hunters and monsters alike and i LOVE THAT


More like Arena 2.0, I’m liking everything but the pacing with the S2 build.


too fast or too slow for you ?


I’m with ya on that one.


Sometimes, I kind of wish Evolve was almost like the first cinematic trailer. Hunters drop out of the dropship, and slowly begin their search. Ever alert for the nearby monster (who you can hear growl from the nearby bush).

Only the trapper, with his experience, is able to follow the track of the monster and identify corpses as ‘the monster’s kill’. It just looked sooo tense!


I think things could have been done to keep the feel of the hunt without mostly removing it, and yet I feel like those of us who enjoyed the hunt are put aside to bring in players who just want pure action, don’t want to put effort into a learning curve, and won’t stay for the changes they’d care about.

Arena mode was created for people who just want to fight and can’t go more than 5 seconds without shooting something.


You guys could always release Metamorphosis, for the pro Evolve players. :wink:

######Or at least those that know how to play.


Veteran and fan of the new pacing. I enjoy the way the devs removed carrion birds and re-added them in a non-rng way through the planetary scan.


I agree. The problem was that hunting, hide and seek gameplay was great in theory. It just did not work out that way in practice. Hunters could not take their time and look for signs, carcasses and sounds; as cool as that sounds. Not when Monsters could Evolve within a couple of minutes of dropping down from the ship.

You had to hit the ground running and pray you had a decent Trapper to land the domes.


My general theory on people that say they miss the “hunting” aspect is that they tend to be either people that stopped playing the game for a long while, or they are monster players. People who are monster mains are more likely to be people that enjoyed the “hunt” because they were in a position of power in the “hunt”, which was of course nothing more for them than keeping their distance and wits about them. The fact we had monster mains lamenting the change to the dome from the 5 second cast time, which literally meant that as a trapper you had to be within a couple of meters of the monster to guarantee the dome, as a change against the hunt… I feel… goes to show what kind of discussion we’re really having when people say that the game is “no longer hunt”.

Of course there are also many, many monster mains that agree with these changes and prefer them, not trying to tar people with the same brush. But if you did a proper poll of people I feel that the number of monsters feeling hard done by about the changes would outnumber hunters by a lot.


This would work if there were no timers, no respawns, and no Power Relay.

Just a Fight to the Freakin’ Death. :smiling_imp: