What Vault Hunter would you like to play as in Borderlands 3?


I would like to see Miss Moxxi as a playable character, she would specialise in leeching attacks and debuffing the enemy. Her skill would seduce an enemy to fight for her. All her skills in the tree would be some sort of sexual innuendo :smirk:

Edit: A few people have mentioned Vault Hunters from previous Borderlands games, the new playable character isn’t allowed to be a playable character from previous Borderlands, but can be anyone from the Borderlands universe (so Torgue/Miss Moxxi is ok) or a new, made up character with new abilities. Character can’t be ripped off from other games such as one of the Evolve hunters


Gaige. Always, Gaige.


But Gaige is in Borderlands 2


Inb4 @Buckets_Sentry_Gun with claptrap, since he likes robots


Yup. I still want to play as Gaige.


I’d love to play as him.


Blow the up ocean?




Krieg, definitely Krieg.

or Zero, Zeroe’s cool.

But a Loader bot would be awesome!


here a explanation



Was this announced or just a question?

Either way I would want Tiny Tina


I want scooter as vault hunter
waiting for hearts to break


Have you played Tales from the Borderlands?


torgue air guitar solo

Yes i played tftb and i said that on purpose
evil smile


Just asking in case of spoilers, so you know what happened with Scooter? While it’ll be cool to play as him, unfortunately he ain’t going to be in the game if Borderlands 3 is set after TFTBL


Yeah i know everything and yes it is confirmed that tftb is set before borderlands 3 (or whatever they will call it) and after borderlands 2


I want the Tales from Borderlands main characters to be playable, as well as Mr. Torgue and someone who we haven’t seen before.


Yep, it’s coming, I want to know who everyone would like to see as a playable character. I doubt anyone from Gearbox will read this thread it they might take ideas😉


Borderlands was me and my brothers game. We finished 1 and 2. I loved Zer0 and he loved Mordecai