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Velvet Worm.

Centralized Monster Suggestion Thread

Warning: Some of the abilities and actions this monster does are akin to a Basilisk and not a Gorgon, but it's easier to go with Gorgon and Gorgonites than it is Basilisk and... however you word the sub-plural of that.

Gorgon - A flock of ~hundreds of smaller, black-skinned creatures possibly titled "Gorgonites" that are incredibly fast and agile. Think Sardines or Starlings except angrier, more compacted, and more agile. They interconnect to each other to form a sort of super-highway intellect. All brought together to create one form, but still all separate.

Description of Gorgonite: Small, diamond-shaped. 6 short, strong legs with sharp "claws" on the end used to help it clinch into things to keep itself stable. 4 sleek, sharp eyes with a dark blue/black hue to them. Body is jet black. Entirety of its back is dedicated to 2 wings that "flap" incredibly fast. Very agile. No mouth. Possibly incredibly small antennae on head. Overall very sleek, slim design. Should look like it could cut flesh with its carapace. Space around the creature has a slight, clear "warp" effect to represent the intense energies emanating from it (which is its way of communicating to its swarm/keep closely connected to them in flight). The last effect is entirely optional to the design.

When these creatures form the Gorgon, they gain powerful abilities:

  1. Paralysis - The swarm furls around itself a few times and suddenly disperses in clusters to a wide area (roughly a 20 meter area, would need testing to perfect). Between the clusters of Gorgonites spawns a strange energy - possibly the very energy they use to keep themselves to tightly packed together - that appears in what seems like the shape of snakes. This energy causes all wildlife/hunters caught within it the lose their mobility for a few seconds (maybe upwards of 5 or 6 seconds paralysis with a very long cooldown).

  2. Stare - Gorgon locks onto a target and forms what looks to be a head with harsh eyes. These "eyes" project a strange energy at the target. As long as this stare is not interrupted, the target will rapidly lose health (even through shields!) after it has been locked on for a few seconds (possibly 3 second lock-on with a moderate cooldown). This gains Gorgon and minuscule amount of health back if it has any missing. If anything hurts Gorgon, the ability is automatically deactivated and put into cooldown. This combos with Paralysis, but by the time Stare would start to drain life the hunters would be free from Paralysis and have a chance to at least prevent some of the damage. Long cooldowns can prevent these two abilities from being abused constantly.

  3. Whirlwind - Gorgon takes a tornado-like form, swirling quickly as its Gorgonites act like razor blades. Moves across the ground somewhat slowly, but causes decent damage if a hunter or animal is caught in it and stays in it for long. Is tall enough to catch jetpacking Hunters.

  4. Sleeper - Aim at a target and "fire". A single Gorgonite is burrowed into a Hunter or wildlife, causing incredibly small amounts of damage over time (possibly 20 or so seconds). This highlights the target and slows it down until it wears off.

The normal melee attack of this monster would be a length of Gorgonites rapidly protruding from the main swarm and "stabbing" whatever it attacks, like a spike out of a blob.

The Gorgon floats, but leaves behind streaks of the Gorgonites energy on the ground behind it when careless (i.e. not sneaking).

Upon feeding, the Gorgonites furiously buzz around its food and drain it similar to Wraith. Could also have them cut through the actual carcass.

Upon "boosting" forward to gain ground (like Goliaths jump), the swarm dissipates outward as it boosts forward and then comes back together.

Upon sneaking, the Gorgonites don't buzz around wildly like normal. Smaller form, much more concentrated. Less noise, lower to the ground. etc

Origin: A small, parasitic insectoid was found on Shear. It produced interesting energies, which upon research proved to be useful in stopping blood flow and removing blood similar to a leech on Earth. The quizzical part was that it had no mouth. But so long as it was close to a living being, after a few moments of staring, it could siphon blood. It seemed magical, and all the testing and research on Shear couldn't figure out how it did what it did. Yet the potential medical advancements were there, and testing continued on this lone creature. Until it wasn't alone.

Personnel around the facility started reporting sightings of the insectoid all over. On ceilings, in trashcans, outside on the ground, etc. Every time it would be spotted, it would quickly skitter away. Some complaints were made about a sickness spreading around, blaming the recent paranoia about project SIphon (they weren't very imaginative with their names) and the recent sightings. Tensions became high as both sightings and sickness became worse. A few left the facility, and those were the only lucky few.

Amidst a particularly dark night on Shear, a great humming sound could be heard outside the facility. The few guards they had became aware of this noise and went out to investigate. One desperate gunshot rang out amongst the hellish buzzing, and that was the only challenge that night to the noise that rendered Zulta Research Facility dead and full of bones. A single distress call was sent out with no message attached.

A team of Hunters were sent in for recovery of this interesting specimen, codenamed "Siphon", since there were reports of a quick, massive beast in the area. Some of the bodies found were still perfectly intact, but looked to be frozen in place and empty of all blood. A strange predicament, as nothing they had encountered yet was capable of this. Was this mass murder? Was there technology that did this sort of thing? Is that was Siphon was, a device to siphon blood?

Having nothing to go on, the team leaves Zulta and moves to search the surrounding area for anything. A slight buzzing noise in the distance catches the ear of expert trapper Abe. Slowly, he approaches a thicket and peers through some leaves to see a swarm of small, black insects. Puzzled, he watches as it angrily buzzes around a small creature. Over a few seconds, the creature stops all movement and falls over onto its side perfectly still like a stone.

"Holy shit," Abe says, a bit too loudly. The swarm hears him and turns towards him.

"it's like a motherfucking Gorgon!"

This is a lot at once, with probably a bit too much effort in it. But I love the idea of a swarm-like creature that, when the smaller creatures come together they can do incredible things.

Centralized Monster Suggestion Thread


Ward: Shield yourself from impact damage for a while. I imagine bullets would ricochet back while shielded.
Gravity Bomb: Suck nearby hunters, wildlife or debris and then blast them in a rapid blast of energy.
Spawn Minion: Spawn X amount of minions to defend or attack surrounding enemies (The mechanics would need to be firgured out)
Slow cooldown ability which allows you to instantly phase yourself to
another location. (not the best ability, but I couldn't think of much

Honestly I'm not the best to come up with moves, but these abilities do diversify the way to play monster, I'm pretty confident in that, even without playtesting. smiley

His minion ability actually would be cool if instead of just small baby
creeps, he'd have an ability to summon level 1 monsters with some kind
of more major backdrop. Like say, not being able to hatch eggs in
egghunt and/or having 1-(2=?) minion spawns per stage.

It's got some balance, but now that I look at it, even lv1 monsters bring challenge and pressure despite the fact that they're easy to take down. I would say that in theory, if the brain was a legit monster in the game. The minion spawn maybe should correlate with his health directly.

ex. 1
-1 or 2 minion spawns per stage.
-spawning minion will sacrifice 2 or 5% of monsters health.

=> place the player in a position where you'd need to strategize whether or not you want to sic your hounds at them now, or stage up to get better resources for the genocide and then just throw your feisty creature to tear flesh apart.


ex. 2
-instead of another lv1 monster, the minion would be a small brain creep like in the sketch.
-It'd serve as a damage reducer, or amplifier or anything of the sort. Kinda like spare buff for the monster, it'd also compensate his squishiness already.
-attack when attacking, defend, when running. Or something of such sort.

=> controlling temporary boosts at key moments of gameplay could very much throw the hunters off alot, getting overpowered or leave the monster in peril because of poor timing of abilities.

There's 2 examples of how I honestly think that AI mastermind type monster wouldn't be a entirely bad creature.

It honestly probably won't happen though, because the AI code might get too clunky, for example when playing against an AI creature with AI minions.

Anyway, I digress.

I wouldn't say minion beast would be the best monster, I designed him through inspiration from the game's core aesthetic idea aswell with the motive and quesiton of how to diverse up the gameplay (also wanted to paint gross brain thing). That said though, I know the dev ideology when it comes to the question of flaws in AI based monster designs.

However I think that mastermind type of monster wouldn't be necessarily boring. It could be, but I think that when putting design in a game like this (even when it's fan creations), variation is the key and we should try to break archetypes which are functionally good.

In any case, TRS do good and they should just keep doing what's best for the game's sake though.


It's good, but minion making abilities won't exactly work, according to the lovely people at TRS. I believe that's why they canceled the Parasite monster.


That's a shame. Can you give a link to where you found this info? thanks smile


The Spawner was a parasite like creature with the ability to throw small parasite like creatures that would kill hunters and wildlife. They didn't want to have abilities that spawned creatures though because that would make the abilities dependent on AI. Here's a picture of the nasty bugger. @MedicAndy

Centralized Monster Suggestion Thread

A sort of Necromancer type concept with area control.
High armor (around Behemoth levels) Low Hp (around Wraith levels).

Ability One: Poison Fog

A dense fog coats a small area that causes a small resistance debuff, and sets a DoT on all that neutral creatures/hunters. Upgrading will increase the area that is covered, and increase the DoT. Don't know if buffing the debuff with level would be Overpowered.

Ability Two: Death's Touch

The monster uses its armor to resurrect a creature, and make it friendly towards the monster. The creature will follow the monster around the map, and attack other creatures/hunters. At the first level you'll have to give 1.5x the amount of armor you'd normally gain from the creature to resurrect it. Meaning mammoth birds will take 5 feeds worth of armor (rounds up). This'll drop to 1x (3), and .5x (2).

If one of your creatures dies in combat it can be resurrected once it has fully decayed. You can not feed off of creatures you have resurrected.

Ability 3: Soothing Call

Invigorates all creatures under your control, and makes all creatures that were actively hostile towards you neutral. Can be held to slowly regenerate HP on controlled creatures within a certain radius. Doing so will lock the monster in place. Makes neutral monsters hostile toward hunters.

Ability 4: Marked for Death

The monster screeches at a targeted location, and all controlled creatures aggressively rush the area. All controlled creatures that fight in the area are given a damage buff.

Overall the monster is meant to debuff hunters while creatures slowly, or quickly if ahead, chip away at the hunters. No idea on a name or look, but thought something like it would be cool.

Monster Concept |Necromancer|
Centralized Monster Suggestion Thread

It seems interesting, yes, but the devs have said time and time again that they experimented with things like summoners and necromancers. They said that it didn't work out because players didn't enjoy relying on AI to do damage, and it was often frustrating and difficult to control them.


That's why I think having something like Marked for Death, if implemented correctly, could work for this. I was thinking that without an ability like that it would make the creature AI pretty poor, and very much RNG based. Maybed Marked for Death shouldn't be AoE based, but rather target based.


Nevertheless, the issues of frustrating AI- that either doesn't do what you want it to or gets stuck on rocks or doesn't go the route you want it to- and of having to rely on AI remain. It was a nice concept, but I don't see it apanning out.

They could try, I guess.


It would definitely be a hard project, but could be one of the most iconic things in the game smiley
They'd probably have to create a whole new AI for the controlled creatures to act more intelligently. Hard enough to make something like Daisy. No clue how hard it would be to make 20 Daisy's that fought XD.


And then you have to take into account the budget. That's a LOT of work. Like, a lot a lot a lot of work. They sell the Monsters for $15 each, so I doubt 2K will find it justified at all. Nor will they.


Just like :daisy:


I'd probably pay $25 for a monster of this magnitude. What's the harm in making cool concepts to help the devs out smiley


Daisy is different. She was worth it. :smiley:




Fair enough. smile Wouldn't mind shelling out 30 for a Monster of this magnitude lol

If it worked.


Would be the biggest backfire if they launched a $30 monster that was broken XD


See what happens when you plant one :daisy: a whole pack shows up.


My monster idea is more or less a mix of two Earthly creatures, An Arachnid and a Mantis. It has a ranged ability such as Goliath but it focuses on in and out play style, Dealing poison damage with it's Mantis like claws and focusing on splitting up and slowing down select prey for easy targeting.

I suppose it is a hybrid of Tactician/Ranger and a Speedster.

Poison Stack: The purpose of poison stack is a way of allowing the monster to on it's own terms stand as equal to Goliath and Behemoth, As they deal high upfront damage, This monster does less, But focuses on stacking poison on the hunters dealing more damage with a cost of longer periods of time.


Web Spit: Spit a web from it's mouth, and engulf a Hunter or creature in webs, Disabling Jet pack use and slowing the hunter down by 25-33% for a select amount of seconds, This ability would punish hunters that are grouped up together tightly or a trapper that gets a little close for his own good. It acts in the sense of a cone of fire, Possibly sticking to surfaces as a trap for extra area of denial.

Wing Flap: Spread it's arms revealing it's wings and flap violently launching all Hunters in front of it flying backwards allowing a quick getaway or pushing say the medic from their intended target.

Poisonous Spit: Pretty self explanatory, Spit at an area and the ground becomes covered in poison, Perhaps if damage was toned down allow the ability the chance of half-blinding the hunters with transparent green slime or whatever would work, The radius around that of rock throw but dealing less damage, Punishing those that remain inside for long enough with higher poison damage.

Poisonous Coating: The monsters arms become coated in poison, Allowing all of it's attacks to deal poison, Stacking the poison on one target becoming more and more troubling to deal with. This ability would work wonders with Spit as it will force the Hunter into an engagement with you for those couple seconds, Enough for you to deal a good amount of upfront hits and poison damage on him.

Another possible Ability:
Molt: Focusing on luring the Hunters into prime areas or away from yourself, The monster would Molt losing a percentage of it's armor and gaining unlimited stamina for a select amount of seconds for fast getaway, This Molt will attract birds and poison wildlife with damage over time such as poison air.

The only real use of this ability being swapped for would be Wing Flap as the other abilities allow damage and snares.

Traversal Ability would be that of a Kraken's but not as mobile in air, More of a mantis or jumping spider, A strong jump forward and wings spread out allowing a glided descent down to the surface. Covering more ground than Goliath's jump but getting less stamina for it, Say two jumps.

Health and Armor would need to be near Goliath's [1-3 bars less health/armor would be enough], It's not as mobile as Wraith nor as Agile as Kraken but still faster than Goliath, One well targeted spit will slow down the hunters enough for it to get away.

Centralized Monster Suggestion Thread

Awesome. Primal Rage definitely had some cool monsters. now that i remember im probably still annoyed over that cheap ass venom spit lol..