What type of Monster would you like to see?


But yeah, If the devs take community ideas for monsters, yakusa’s look like they’d be right at home with the others.

As for acctual gameplay, I’d like to see something that’s focused on taking the hunter’s skills and using it entirely against them

What’s that? You sheilded that guy? Monster has a leeching ability that causes you to sheild it and/or if you’re healing it, you heal the monster.

What’s that? Harpoons? Sentryguns? Deployables? DON’T MIND IF I SUBVERT THEM!


Decided to do a third one, I’m kinda running low on ideas for a fourth to complete the set. Thought about some kind of energy crystalline creature, but the idea felt lacking in core function.

Anyway I digress, this third guy is more out there. Wanted to do a creature who focuses on telepathic abilities, minions and would be in ways, disturbingly humanoid or something of that sort. That’s why I gave him that putrid fleshy colour palette to sort of emphasize on it. He might look too close to wraith aesthetics, but oh well. I knew what sort of look I wanted when I first thought of him.

“what would a wild animal brain look like?”

I’d call him Hivemind probably. (the name actually fits really well, when noting his abilities)

Some skills I thought of;

Ward: Shield yourself from impact damage for a while. I imagine bullets would ricochet back while shielded.
Gravity Bomb: Suck nearby hunters, wildlife or debris and then blast them in a rapid blast of energy.
Spawn Minion: Spawn X amount of minions to defend or attack surrounding enemies (The mechanics would need to be firgured out)
Teleport: Slow cooldown ability which allows you to instantly phase yourself to another location. (not the best ability, but I couldn’t think of much else)

Since he’d be insanely squishy as he probably looks, I imagine him just warding himself in a safe location, harassing the hunters while allowing his minions to do the dirty work for him. His minion ability actually would be cool if instead of just small baby creeps, he’d have an ability to summon level 1 monsters with some kind of more major backdrop. Like say, not being able to hatch eggs in egghunt and/or having 1-(2=?) minion spawns per stage.

Centralized Monster Suggestion Thread

Are you sure you’re not part of the devteam in disguise and just teasing us?


I don’t know if anyone suggested it but the underground monsters like the worms from tremors or dune. Large, long, and agile. You could give them a burrow type ability as their traversal movement. Either make it arc through the ground like a negative jump, or attach it to the ground and make it so it can’t “dig” through stone. I presonally really like the idea of the negative jump idea, basically it would pass through rocks and terrain but instead of letting the player control the worm underground it would just dive and return to the surface as if it had jumped. If it encounters any wall barriers you could either make it take slight impact damage and then bounce off the wall, or just bounce off and return to the nearest surface.

As far as abilities:

Body slam: comes up from underneath the earth vertically then falls in strait line in a direction from the breach point.

Chomp: try to eat a hunter. Grab a hunter in your mouth and clamp down before releasing the hunter. I see it working similar to wraith’s abduction a med to long range strike where the worm would strike bite and let go.

Earth quake: large area of affect, heavy damage (but only if you are on the ground) I think it should be stationary, kind of like an orbital strike. Except you can avoid some damage as long as you are in the air.

Drill: pretty strait forward, rush forward dealing damage to anything in your path. I guess that might be a little close to Goliath’s charge… but I felt it was suited to this monster.

Centralized Monster Suggestion Thread

They’ve already said they won’t do snakes centipedes basically anything that crawls or conforms to the shape of the terrain. It’s too hard or resource intensive.


Awesome artwork yet again! Maybe you’d like to go to this thread to help us work on our Turtle Monster:

Basically we had to scrap some ideas for our turtle when Behemoth was unveiled so we need some fresh approaches.


@SledgePainter: Thank you for the compliment.
On the topic of turtle beasties; Interesting, I like community driven stuff like this. Could be fun! I’ll see if I could think of anything worthwhile to contribute. Thanks for the invitation.

@SArais Thanks for your kind words. I wish I was an professional concept artist. :smiley:
My drafts just aren’t the most refined. I need to keep on working a whole lot more on my techniques.


While I’m not sure about an entire monster, I would love to see some reverse engineering of abilities. A skunk like spray ability. It marks the Hunter for 20-30 seconds and allows you to smell him from MUCH further, or treat it like being dust clouded and have them always highlighted. This way you can keep tabs on a certain hunter in combat, or spray someone from a distance like the Trapper to always stay a head of them.


My monster idea


I think the Hydra would be a sweet monster to play.
Relatively slow and tanky, with two heads!

  • Can eat two animals at a time (or double speed one animal) (maybe .75x speed for two animals, 1.5x for one animal? more balanced?)
  • sprints for its mobile ability (has a charge meter instead of 3 charges, depletes to run fast, with good control, automatically jumps small gaps)
  • Can attack with very fast melee attacks (one two strike heads), not super strong, but overwhelming (maybe inflict slight poison?)


  • Mutation: Creates an additional head for a short period of time, allowing additional attacks/targets

  • Dual Strike: Powerful melee attack with huge damage, pulls target in

  • Acid Spew: Targeted ranged attack, splashes acid that poisons enemies over time (clouded vision etc)

  • Constrict: Uses one of your heads, wraps a hunter, rendering them helpless unless that head is targeted and dealt significant damage.

This monster would focus on it’s basic attack more than others (something I think would make a good addition), and be absolutely deadly at melee range, relying on its very fast sprint to get up close, and holding a target to it with dual strike and constrict. It would be slightly weak at range though.

I THINK THIS IS AN AWESOME IDEA please respond if you think so =D

Centralized Monster Suggestion Thread

Fast moving spider monster, can move along vertical surfaces without using climb.

  • Instead of L-trigger climb ability, the spider leaves behind webs. Webs slow enemy movement, as well as creating an area of increased movespeed for the spider (temporarily) Has a max capacity for webs, slowly regenerates or filled with eating.
  • Mobile ability will shoot a web for a certain distance, either pulling you towards the terrain, or creating a tight-rope that can be moved along very quickly.
  • Melee attacks are slow, but are moderately powerful and can inflict poison.
  • relatively small health pool, stealth monster.
  • maybe sneak attacks are much more powerful?

Wrap: Short ranged ability, blasts the target with webs, rendering them helpless (saved by cooldown or allied attacks) and also increasing damage taken from melee attack. Wrapped corpses are eaten 2x as fast.

Envenom: Melee ability, inflicts severe poison on an enemy, blurring vision and slowing while dealing damage over a small time.

Spiderlings: Creates 1-3 (depending on the ability level) mini versions of you (hunter sized or slightly bigger) These spiders will follow you and attack your targets, dealing small poison damage in addition to normal damage. They deal increased damage to webbed targets, and benefit from web movement speed bonus, relatively easy to focus down, but small and hard to target.

either Conceal or Pounce
Conceal: Covers you with webs and foliage, making you blend in with the environment, sneak attacks become twice as effective, and Daisy has a hard time finding you out. Slight damage reduction while hidden.

Pounce: Leaps at the target, pinning them (no saves) for a small duration, dealing massive damage.

Hope you like this one as well! =D

Centralized Monster Suggestion Thread

Small, snake-like creature. (width of torso, like Hyde’s at Stage 1)

  • physically weak
  • low damage melee attack, poison
  • moderate slithering speed
  • very small, leaves difficult to see tracks (daisy tracks slower?), hard to spot
  • thrives on stealth, even in the middle of combat
  • mobile ability, burrows underground a medium distance, leaving a slightly more visible track mark on the ground at each point
  • NO STEALTH MODE (always stealth mode), all attacks are pounces that do not pin the target, but are targeted like a pounce

Swallow Whole: Swallows target creature (or incapped hunter) over a short duration (2-3 seconds), instantly killing it, gains normal eating value and shields etc. (fairly lengthy cooldown) Or deals large damage to a hunter that isn’t incapped. This leaves the monster motionless and an easy target

Constrict: Suffocates target creature or hunter (requires big damage to save), quickly killing or incapping it. (usually followed up by swallow whole)

Lunge: Long distance melee attack, deals good damage, flies towards target.

Coil: Roots the monster, blending in to the environment, daisy becomes confused and runs around near the rooted spot, the next Lunge or melee attack will deal extra damage, or a swallow whole attack will finish twice as fast, sufficient damage (not alot) will disable this stance, good for ambushing hunters!

I know this may seem OP, but this monster would have a very small health pool, and would require very good stealth play to be effective.
The ability to lie in wait for the hunters and taking out a specific target almost instantly is its strength, but it also leaves it with most of its abilities on cooldown, plus It has to take a few seconds to swallow whole.
I kind of wanted a monster that could still rely on its stealth even in the middle of combat, slithering away and pouncing from the shadows.

Let me know what you think! More coming down the pip! I am on a roll!

Centralized Monster Suggestion Thread

They won’t release a snake or a centipede or anything that conforms to the landscape because it is to resource intensive.


The monster i created is named Hollow, it could do with a better name.

Hollow would have a bark shell which has kind of attached to his skin, his body is then covered by twisting roots, vines and draping moss probably on shoulders and maybe the back, there will be chipping or cracks around his shell revealing skin mainly around his joints and around his eyes and mouth. His shape would resemble a tree, probably the same size as Goliath in each of his stages. it would be nice if he looked like the plant life of shear so he was able to hide away from the hunters.

His health and armour would be similar to Krakens possibly differing by 1 or 2 bars. his eating animation could be something like him absorbing the pray. in his speed i would image Goliath out running him with out his leaping ability but not by much, i feel like Hollows fast travelling would be something like roots he’d shoot out of his hands, attaching onto a surface and pull Hollow towards that surface (this could be used on rock wall faces if it was within distance as well as the ground).

Hollows abilities:

Vine grasp - pulling hunters or prey in closer, similar to Wraiths abduction and Behemoths tongue grap ( i am unsure of what distance for each stage)

Poison spray - Either being an AOE or directional like Goliaths flame breathe, hunters or pray caught inside of it will keep being dealt damaged but out of the poison will carry on being damaged for 4 -6 seconds.

Root wave - In an action Hollow would hit the ground with either his hands/arms or feet causing roots to go in a single direct (unsure of the distance, maybe like Behemoths fissure)

Thistle/Thorn trail - lasting 6 seconds a trail of thistles/thorns would be left behind Hollow, this could help him escape from hunters or be useful in combat, the trial would last 4 more seconds after the first 6 seconds of laying them down before the disappeared.

Give your thoughts on the idea.

Help Create a Monster!
Centralized Monster Suggestion Thread

A bat type creature would be pretty awesome

A dino creature, even though so over done, proves to be a challenge in all cases.

Also I wouldn’t mind a dragon type of creature

I know these aren’t new in any way, but they can be pretty awesome to hunt down, given that their skills be unique and creative and have their own twists on an age old creature that could prove tricky to hunt




Everyone is trying to get really Alien on all the monsters and I guess that’s what they are, but adding a dash of the strange and Alien with a dragon and making it truly awesome would be something I’d like to see. I mean it doesn’t have to be just a dragon or dinosaur, but something of a mix between the strange and weird, with an age old predator.


That’s what I’ve been saying in one of the threads TRS could easily turn a dinosaur or a dragon into a alien all they would have to is give them unrecognizable body parts (features) and or give them more limbs and even make their tails like that of a xenomorph (alien) I had this 1 idea of a t.rex like monster with 4 jaws that split apart whenever he roars or eats with like a sail on his back that’s translucent or transparent and glows multicolored when he evolves or fully armored with holes or vents on his sides of the body that blow steam whenever he reaches stage 3 lol this is just one of my ideas but I’m pretty confident in the devs that if they decide to go for a dinosaur or dragon monster they will make it as alien and unique as possible and very different.


“They won’t release a snake or a centipede or anything that conforms to the landscape because it is to resource intensive.”

Not necessrily Tiger, you would only need 5-6 “segments”, and you would need only very simple animations because you wouldn’t need to animate legs or running or leaping or anything like that.


They’ve said that they couldn’t do it. One of their original ideas was just that something snake like or centipede like and they said they couldn’t get it to work or that it was too resource intensive or it just didn’t look good when they made it so it would work.