What type of Monster would you like to see?


what do you guys would like to see in the monster type in evolve? like i wrote in the map idea i would like to see a water type of monster that can hide in the sand like some fish can do.

also a type of monster that could fly in the sky just like a dragon but not a dragon… xD

so the types i would love to see for me is

  • flying
  • under water
  • small and really agile

and so on.

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A shapeshifter would be pretty rad. They could shift into human players or inanimate objects.


Centralized Monster Suggestion Thread

Can we extend this to encompass monster abilities? If so I would like to list some of the better ones I have heard here.

  • Fealty - the whole alpha male mechanic where you can get certain local wildlife to aid you. (DJHellray’s idea)
  • A whole mess of stealth based skills - scent tracking, camouflage and a quick scorpion tail precision attack.
  • Symbioses - a parasite that when unattached to a host is small and easy to kill but can fuse with wildlife to empower itself. (Various people have suggested versions of this)


a parasite one would be really awesome. he could infect wildlife or plants and such.


Centralized Monster Suggestion Thread

I agree, some sort’ve chameleon, or camouflaged creature would be really cool, especially if there was a snow mountain/ice cavern level.



The Queen
An alien that can spawn younger creatures of itself to attack in swarms kinda like the broodmother from dota 2 or the pregnant from dead space when you shot its stomach. you can order your young to attack, spread out, regroup, or hide.
Its attacks are:
A Mucus spit that when walked on slows you down and can’t use jets
(still thinking of other ideas for attacks)
Each level grants you more young to spawn and more powerful attacks


Centralized Monster Suggestion Thread

I hoping for a snake type monster, which can grow larger in length when it evolves. Much like the classic videogame “Snake”. It can also slither up and down walls and have a lunge attack, perhaps maybe a venom spit attack too which can hurt the Hunters as they step over it. Hurting the monster would cause it to bleed too which gives off a similar acid to it’s venom spit!


Centralized Monster Suggestion Thread

Just had a couple of interesting ability idea’s

To add to the snake Monster idea that @SlinkyGuy purposed I really liked the acid idea and wanted to purpose a possible ability using that as a base

Venom Spray - An area effect that if caught in will cause slow damage as the acid burns. Is persistent longer then it’s use, will remain for awhile. If hit directly with this it does both more damage and marks the victim for a short while making them easily traceable. Not a heavy damage power but useful for assassin type monsters that mark their prey first and then quickly kill one at a time.

Visual perks/cons - I think that it would be interesting that as a monster I am limited to my senses, that aren’t always like a human. For starters I would suggest a monster whose vision was primarily night time and thus can see perfectly at night, possibly like night vision goggles, but must sneak around during the day because of a washed out field of view. Or is color blind or possibly total blind and has hearing bonuses and a sort of tremor sense. These would add depth and creativity to some of the monsters and also provide a set of monsters for the elite gamer to master.



Aaaah a monster that can rely on sound to track the Hunters? Very interesting concept, sounds like it would be difficult to master too! But hey, some people love a challenge!



That and difficult to program. I think that being fully blind would be to much to handle, sound is just not enough. But if they made the world grey-scale, had the distance of your field of view be limited by a lot, washed out the edges of you vision like fog, add a particle effect that softens the lines of objects and landmarks and then on top of that add a sound source indication through both a obvious red aura for loud noises like gunfire and roars and grey scale tremors with character grey-scale models. It could work. It would be hell to program, and hard to balance and play, but it would be hell of a lot of fun and first in gaming. Plus it would make for one bad-ass monster.



Oh yes, having it not completely blind would be too difficult. I believe some games have done this before where some player controlled enemies would be blind but not completely, more or less just had their vision obscured by like you said, particle effects or a foggy FoV. Playing as the Berserker in GoW 3 springs to mind!



A blind monster would be great for hardcore players.Maybe a snake-like boss.It could make noises to see around for a limited time like a bat does.More noise means more field of view and vice versa.Hunters may be able to hear the noise and act accordingly.

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Centralized Monster Suggestion Thread

Like this!


Centralized Monster Suggestion Thread

That’s really cool! I love the coloring and the spiky cobra-type hood. Did you make that? Or is it a reference to something I’m totally missing?



That’s Vertigo, the Goddess of Insanity, from the 1994 fighting game Primal Rage. Her powers include teleportation, hypnosis, venom spit, and she has a hidden blade in her tail. She’s my favorite design for a monster EVER! It took me over a year to get this figure. lol She’s a custom make.

I have an affinity for any game with giant monsters. :smiley:



For the record, she was not nearly that detailed in the original game.



Some kind of bird/monster that flies and catches its prey like an eagle, that’d be cool. See it like a flying L4D2 hunter.


Centralized Monster Suggestion Thread

I would like a Giant Spider, it’s abilities can be a large web (of course) but it will shoot out in all directions and cover a certain area in webbing ranging from large to small fine threads, implying that the spider while inside it’s web would have full range of movement and be able to see any intruders entering into its webbed lair/ be able to spit webbing at a range to pin people and creatures to trees ground and what have you, secondly a Bite that does a good amount of damage and absorbs health = to a percent of damage but while linking with ability one will deal 100% of targets damage and convert it into HP for spider. Third i liked the mini spiderling (cantalope to watermelon size) idea but make it into a trap have them weigh you down, slow you, enable sight for mama spider, and can not use jet packs due to the weight. Lastly a hard range attack sorta like a sniper shot where she would use a large spike like projectile that would, like a sniper rifle do a high amount of damage and poison but head shots are 1 hit.

Side Thoughts:
Water creature would be cool. Reptile or amphibian (think actual salamander for look but can breath fire or something)

If it’s flying make it a really angry Wasp, nothing on this earth is more angry than a wasp.

Burrowing on a open plane desert level would be cool

Feline: keep it grounded hiding in the bushes, Stealth but not invisible, night vision if the level allows ( if so make it to where if the hunters run a light across its eyes they catch the light adding that eerie prowling sense).



I still want the snake monster >:33

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