What type of experience do we want?


I’m making this thread to discuss the type of game we want to see Evolve being, sparked a little off of the comment by @MacMan in the Telem thread…

As a couple of us said there it seems a little strange to buff everything up (and in turn potentially causing non-Kraken monsters to need a buff of their own) I’ve got a concern here that I think it’s clear others are sharing about the way the game seems to hinge too much on small moments of indecision or mistakes…

I bought in to this game because of the concept of it being something that took place over multiple fights, but recently we’ve seen changes that make being a stage 1 monster harder than ever, while at the same time having a reality that means if you don’t catch the monster at stage 1 you have much less than the 50/50 odds observer mode would have you believe as a hunter.

Wildlife Buffs play a huge part in this problem, and we know they’re getting changes coming so it’ll be wise to see how those changes affect things…but if they don’t change the game where are we going in the future?

Right now a monster with damage perks/buffs only needs to chain a couple of attacks together to pretty much make any attempts by a medic futile, Lazarus play is the definition of all or nothing, not taking a defensive support almost ensures that your team will either be the best dodging team around or dead.

It seems like we’re running in to the risk of abilities and weapons being so powerful that it is far too risky to not take certain comps, don’t we want all characters and monsters to be viable because they all have different ways around the problem? In the “level 3 ability” + Perk landscape that Evolve is in now there aren’t different ways around the monster…you either get lucky, get the right comp, or get dead…and that’s a shame.

The best games I have are the ones where the monster is caught at stage 1, takes 20-50% health damage but manages to down a couple of us, caught again at stage 2 and taken down to ~25% but gets another 2 or three strikes, only to end in a stage 3 fight where the monster is more powerful but no more “tough” than they were at stage 1. The worst ones are the roughly 7 minute long games where the monster just escapes a stage 1 dome, evolves, camps by a dune beetle/tyrant and then proceeds to dismantle a team with some semi-stun locking chain abilities (and fair play, I admire the skill even if it saps the enjoyment) and has never felt like it was in danger of being killed.

Just a bit of an opener for discussion here, for monster, hunter and everything in between types of players. Do you have the same experiences where matches seem to hinge on small flurries of activity and ultimately just the one fight?


I am usually playing Monster, and I always try to get into at least two stage two fights. Usually more. But when I’m hunter, yes, it usually comes down to one big fight.


If I’m playing Behemoth I stage 1 fight every game, he just feels like a monster built for early engagements. Majority of my games are enjoyable games but sometimes when it’s too easy, it’s boring, and when I’m playing against teams who cheese it gets frustrating. Overall the experience is enjoyable, the thing that ruins it for me though is the amount of bugs and dodgy matchmaking, balance issues are ok, my game freezing when I play Behemoth isn’t.