What Turtle Rock has done for us


I wanted to make this thread sort of as a thank you to TRS for truly being an exemplary company that truly wants to do things for it’s player base. Being someone who has played from the Big Alpha all the way to the current build of evolve stage two, I can without a doubt say that Turtle Rock has not only been apart of the community that plays Evolve, but have actively allowed the community to shape the game they have created.
I remember back when the silhouette of behemoth was being teased and the community was given the opportunity to name that monster. It meant a lot to me that I was able to vote and participate in that event, and TRS has continually integrated their work directly from community feedback. Not many gaming companies are, in my opinion, are as concerned with the players as individuals.

So thanks TRS, your dedication to Evolve, your employees, and the players who play your game discerns you from the many other companies out there


Folks like you make it worth it! Thank you so much for being here with us and playing with us :purple_heart:


Couldn’t have put it any better! :monster:


TRS are the most Community Friendly Company i hv ever Seen in my life ^^


I’m glad to be back and Kraken :smiley:

Thanks TRS, I’m glad to see Evolve back on the map where it belongs.


I see what you did there and I like it :thumbsup:


O. I’ve been waiting for this topic this is what I’ve gained from one one of the best dev teams ever let me introduce my family.

Me and the wife who played left for dead together for 4 yrs before we meet thanks to TRS and my twin girls that would’ve never been born if TRS didn’t exist so I can say TRS changed my life forever and I thank them for it.


Well then…

The only thing TRS has done for me is give me Emet, and thee best game in existence.

TRS is the shining star of the gaming industry and I can’t thank or support them enough.




I saw that one coming lol


HERE TO ANOTHER 5 more years of EVOLVE


I’ve never loved a game, game company, or community as much as I do now with Evolve.

evolve is love evolve is life


There’s a lot of love here. :slight_smile:

I miss the old Evolve I admit, but I am happy to be playing once again and hope we can find some middle ground between fans of the old and the new.

So cheers for sticking around TRS