What TRS should do to make you throw money to their face?

What would make me throw money at them…
Make me a T-Rex monster… Enjoy this teaser of T-Rex vs. Abe on Weather Control Tower map.

Give me velociraptor hunter that works by controlling the raptors.

Give me monster perks to hide from Gobi…

Hard Core Mode:
Remove all tooltips and glowing effects from the game. Remove minimap from the game (for hunters). Force hunters to actually use their EYES to do things… And offer special rewards/skins in this mode. As for the monster… It would need some sort of balancing effect as well…

Any of these things would make me throw money at them… None of these things will ever happen. Licensing… curse you!

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That little girl looks like she’s throwing bonds and not money, which in that case she just made it monsoon ^.^

XD lol forcefield nips, I’m sure torvald has some secret viking attack with them

Velociraptors sadly don’t get that big, and also that guy on the bike looks screwed XD


That would be cool :smirk:

I would pay 5 bucks for a ranked mode dlc, like right now…

Ranked mode should be free, but I’d pay that for an arena mode ^.^

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I already have plans to throw money at them
:sparkles: So Fabulous :sparkles:

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Oooo love that idea O.o
Like monster stage 3 vs hunters in a circle arena ? No more runnyng simulator, just pure fight ? Maaaan love you * gives you cookie *
I would pay 20 bucks for that

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Make a thread about it see what people think! ^.-

Wouldnt it be more fair if it was Stage 2, cuz thats supposedly a fair fight

Go ahead and make it , I dont want to take your credits . I will be #1 supporter of that idea

Umm yea you are rite I think

Very well!

Stage 2, Full armor, right out of the gate.
I feel bad for the hunters i get placed against :smiling_imp: mmm this needs to be a mode now.


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okay I started the thread

Dont forget about a new monster that returns 100% of the damage back to the hunters for 300seconds. And has unlimited stamina and can revive from death after a 30 second cooldown each time. Did i mention its attacks hit you from wherever he is on the map? Op? Id say underpowered really…

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That’s about it then. We just need the developers to put this out and it will be a hit. Balanced enough.

That seriously made me laugh though.

I could just imagine if the monster is hunting for food and the hunters are being damaged.

More content, period.
Lower prices, at least a little.
Full-body hunter skins.
New modes.
Better matchmaking.

But those are free :confused: