What TRS should do to make you throw money to their face?


What should have TRS do to make you throw your money to their face ?

For me personaly they would have to make sexy redhead female assault with more naked skin that armour.

Then I will be like


One time, Hank killed a guy in a bar. He only meant to punch him, but the guy was drunk and fell into a counter behind him and broke his neck. Hank felt guilty for a while, but over time he got over it. He can’t even remember the guy’s name anymore.


I think you post to wrong thread my friend




In the meanwhile here’s some inspiration:



Please no. I can’t stand combat type games with the females wearing “skimpy” armor. Then I’m supposed to believe that she can take as much damage as the guy that’s wearing huge armor. Just stupid.


Well I already threw money at them with the PC Monster Race edition and liking it.


I was hoping for something more lik (Katarina is her name a believe?) form LoL buy yea we have got pretty simmilar visions


Lets be honest, Jinx would make an amazing assault, like Parnell but better to look at.


Go to bed.




And watch as the feminists go nuts! Yay! As if TRS and 2K needed more bad press! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d like to see a trapper with a hand glider as well as the jet pack. They’d have to get to height then can zip around the map all the while slowly falling. I’d happily for something like that.


As much as that sort of sexualisation exists in gaming, the characters in this game don’t all wear armour in the first place; just look at Hyde or Torvald. Torvald may be a cyborg, but Hyde’s shirt sure isn’t going to stop anything.


Nah easy defence against feminists by saying :
"We wanted to create strong and independent woman . Thats why we gave her almost no armour because she is more powerful than those pesky male assaults. She is not afraid of taking a hit like they are . Men are weak ! "

*Authentical picture of feminists crying from happines after reading those sentences *


Also…LOOK at Torvald. Half of his chest is just bare flesh, and his head. His left side too- heart, lungs. Important things. What’s protecting that? Do his nipples project a forcefield or something?!

@Zeon Damn that’s a good cover up, but knowing them they’ll find some way to twist it so it sounds evil and cry about it anyway. Some people…


Evolve Full Body Skins - tgat’s what people want.

And oh, let’s sell those Golden skins for 100 bucks.


Anyways, out of topic are you man or woman ? This question was bothering me for such a loooong time


:joy: That’s funny. Female, which is why I feel safe in dissing feminists. The only men who diss feminism are the ones with suicidal urges. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you , now I can die in peace :smiley: