What triggers carrion birds?


What causes carrion birds to show up?


The act of eating causes them to show up, you can kill as much stuff as you like, but it’s the eating that brings them by.

You get the first two eating actions for free (so don’t stop eating midway), after that it’s a more and more likely chance that they’ll spawn as you eat.

Only exceptions are if you have “friendly birds” buff, or are eating with no sky above you.


Eating in the open. You get a grace period to start and a short grace period after they are triggered and a max of 7 feedings before they are guaranteed to show up with increasing chance you trigger birds each feeding.


After the “friendly birds” buff is over, assuming you’ve eaten at least seven times, is it an automatic 100% chance for birds?


good question! I have no idea about that


Tagging @The_Mastermind because he knows all.


actually the knowledge “of all” is between @white_hawke8 and myself. lol.

here’s his info on “bird mechanics”

Monsters get 2 free corpses to eat before they spawn Harpies. Eating corpses outdoors increases the chances to spawn Harpies with each corpse eaten. The exact chances of spawning harpies is dependent on the map, but most commonly the 7th corpse eaten outdoors has a 100% chance to spawn birds, and each corpse before the 7th increases the chances proportionally. When Harpies do spawn the monster gets a 20 second cooldown period before they can spawn again and during which eating cannot contribute towards their spawn chance. Eating corpses outdoors after this cooldown ends increases the chances of spawning birds again until a specific number is reached (still usually the 7th). Eating corpses indoors does increase the chance of spawning Harpies. Bird sounds can be heard globally, but you can only see bird icons when you are within 250 meters of the birds (whether they are Batrays or Harpies). The carrion bird icon lasts for 40 seconds. The startled bird icon lasts for 20 seconds. The durations of these icons does not respect your proximity to the birds, so if you are too far away to see the icons for the duration of the birds, you might never see the icons. Bohrium crates can be heard breaking up to 200 meters away. Bohrium crates have 250 hit points.


Does the “friendly birds” mechanic work just like being indoors/under cover? Is there a 100% chance immediately after it ends, or does the counter reset after it ends, allowing for up to seven meals after the buff wears off?


i would think it would act like you were indoors. the chance increases until birds are spawned. if the buff prevents the spawning, then you should simply get birds after the buff ends.

never looked into it but i assume the methods are the same. White Hawk may know this time around.


…like ALL of the wildlife to eat are outside… So basically you can’t avoid them?


Bob and Wraith can bring food indoors and you can try to herd wildlife into caves.


The obsidian grub buff resets the bird chance as if the monster had summoned Harpies through eating and ignores all corpses for the entire duration of the buff (unlike eating under a ceiling where the chance continues to accumulate).


And a note on this info: This is everything I’ve been able to find out and it could be incomplete. This information is the best I could compile based on TRS explaining the mechanics on the forums, my data mining, and my own personal testing.


Thank you.


yeah, was playing the game yesterday, and the first two kills i made, and then began to eat attracted those vultures. so, im gonna have to throw that rule of seven thing out the window it would seem.


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