What Trapper are you scared of the most?

In request to @Wolfgang, what Trapper are you most scared of fighting as Monster?

  • Maggie
  • Griffin
  • Abe
  • Crow
  • Jack

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Gotta say Maggie, her traps drive me insane.


i can’t choose between jack or maggie :stuck_out_tongue:

Jack the most.
But - unpopular opinion - because of the repulsor beam and killer comps built on that (like with Sunny + Val or Hank + Laz). That satellite is dumb, why do people want to nerf it… easiest thing to dodge ever :neutral_face:

Once you get through Jack’s Repulsor you can start dealing a good amount of damage. Maggie I have to say is the scariest, since if you’re trying to focus on the Support (let’s say) her traps can literally f*** you while the support knows you’re being stopped and can deal that extra damage on you. Saying this mostly for OG and Bob.
Wraith and Kraken would be much less affected by her.
But it also means you can’t get a head start by sneaking at the beginning. :smile:

I think crow because once you find the monster, a good crow will not lose you. Plus random gobi spots can throw off my sneaking game

Jack for sure. So frustrating for me to play against (I know, I know, ADAPT ADAPT ADAPT). On Demand 3-8 second Strong CC and the only way I can break it is by burning traversals or movement abilities or go around but who wants to do that :stuck_out_tongue:

I think people hate jack for like 3 seconds then he’s useless while he recharges though, all other trappers can constantly keep pressure

Sure but if he’s on reload speed then it gets seriously annoying -.-

The Wraith maybe not, Maggie can cancel every abductions in dome fight if the hunters have good positionning. Especially in closed spaces and relay fights :smile:

Sure, but good jack players use those three seconds when it really matters.

I agree with on what you said. Maggie and Jack seem more of the stronger Trappers just imo
I haven’t face against a good Griffin, Abe or Crow in awhile, so I can’t say any of these 3 are less powerful.

All trappers are actually really good, I don’t think they have a weak pick like val or markov at the moment (thank god they are getting variations) and a good jack is just as good as a good griff in my opinion

Markov really isn’t weak. Val is ‘good’ if played well but still pretty poopy.

I’m not saying he’s weak but he’s definately the worst pick for assault 90% of the time, hopefully they buff his lightening gun

He really doesn’t need buffs. I’ve been screwed over by him so hard in the past.

He’s very strong.


Griffin…he can’t stop 'pooning my butt!


A good Griffin is a scary Griffin.

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At the moment, Jack. The damage potential is quite scary, especially the burst from the satellite. If I’m not paying attention, zap. My butt is on fire.

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Maggie’s harpoons keep stopping me at every turn. She is definitely the one that makes me cringe when she shows up. TuT

Griffin makes me so scared to evolve because you never know if your in his sound spikes sometimes. Especially on BH foundry where you can cover 99% of the map practically