What trapper annoys you the most?


It really depends on what monster I choose, as well as the map that gets selected. From an overall standpoint, Maggie, because her harpoons are annoying and can really stop forward progress from being made. Daisy can allow for some great ambushes though because you know that they’ll eventually be coming to you.

None of the trappers really bother me by themselves I hate griffin when paired with sunny. Val annoys me more than crow or abe dunno why but tranqs feel so much slower than stasis jacks gotten more annoying now that he has the 180 degree range.

Tranqs for some reason affect monsters who use MS more then stasis does. It’s really weird.

I was going to say Maggie, but it seems that everyone else has already done that.

The more the merrier :DDD

He also requires 3 times as much posistioning and requires 5 times as much protection

True but that’s why I said “really good griff”
Trust me I’ve met a few as a monster

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And that’s a bad thing?



I can deal with Maggie no problem but she can be a pain knowing that its a little harder to sneak. I dislike facing Jack. I don’t like being stuck when I want to go forward :frowning:

Lil Wayne. I hate him so much.

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Crow with Sunny makes getting that stage 2 Evolve so damn tricky…

But without a certain support, I guess I’ll join the Daisy hate train…

Good. Everyone should hate the fatty.


Jack is most annoying to me, but maybe just because I haven’t got used to playing against him yet. The combination of repulsor and satellite can be brutal

Both Maggie and Jack compete for a comfortable and warm spot under my skin to crawl into.

Maggie because dem 'Poons can’t always be predicted and you’ll be sure to get stuck every single time you attempt to switch targets and Jack because Jack. If Jack needs explaining then you haven’t fought a good Jack before.

Also, if I’m not mistaken that ridiculous capacity bonus from Jack’s Repulsion mastery is still a thing.
Not sure why, but it is. Feels nearly unbreakable at times. It’s like the game’s telling you
“Hey man. I know you hate wasting a traversal because of Griffin’s Harpoon Gun every 5 seconds, so let me just give you the equivalent of 3 Griffin harpoons at once.”

I don’t play monster, but I got a strongly worded message from a monster player after I stayed glued to him for an entire match as Crow, and eventually was the one to finish him off when he tried to escape our last throwdown with a sliver of health.

He managed to get a few bars of armor, but again… Crow. We all know the ending to that story. :smile:

Maggie and Crow can go to hell though as hunter player good job Maggie and Crow.

You know you love her…deep down inside. You would cuddle with her to sleep.

You mean I’d smother her in her sleep? Yes. No hesitation.