What trapper annoys you the most?

What trapper is the most annoying for you to face as a monster? I’m curious to see everyone’s opinion on this topic. :smile:

Poll below provided by @10shredder00


Maggie and crow.

Maggie because stealth becomes a no go if they are any good.
Crow because once your caught, a good crow wont lose you. (Unless you are really good or really lucky)

Fuck those harpoon traps.
And Daisy can go die in a pit.
Downs Hank
“Alright, no one around to get the Rez, better go for medic”
Picks up rock
Medic shielded
Hears Daisy laughing


Probably Jack. The more burst CC a trapper has makes it more annoying imo, since its much more noticable.

Definitely Maggie. Harpoons…harpoons everywhere. My FB (which now sucks thanks to duration nerf) can’t handle all the mines and harpoons and sentries now. :cry:


True but a really good griff can do what jack can twice as much!

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Agree 1000000% on maggie except on daisy. (I think she should be worth 3 meats though, makes her seem scrawny)

also, NOW I get this reference.

  • Maggie
  • Griffin
  • Abe
  • Crow
  • Jack

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Thanks shreds :smile: Idk how to do them.

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- Option A
- Option B

You can stop traversals, walking and even abilties all day with Rf. Sooner or later it’s going to run out…

Harpoons traps? Those are forever. Not only do I get stuck I have to slash them just to get free. Where as RF I can just burn battery.

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Hey add [Poll below] to title or OP

Maggie is the most annoying trapper I can face as a wraith main.

the poons never end, therefore my nightmare never ends.

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I love Maggie though. :heart:

I love the fattie that goes along with her.

Daisy is adorbs :heart:

Jack is annoying as fuck. I hate the angle that the repulsor has now it covers you so much now

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Both of them :heart:. In fact All the evolve girls :heart:

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I saw that… :stuck_out_tongue:

What? I didn’t type the heart right.

edzachery :stuck_out_tongue:

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