What to pack on festival ? Help needed

So I am packing for tomorow festival for 3 days and I am not sure If I got everything I need.

Here is list of things I am taking with me , feel free to add new items that I forget:

  1. Tent
  2. Earplugs
  3. Some kind of sponge thing so I can lay on it and dont have to be on hard ground
  4. Vodka
  5. 3x T-shirt + 2x shorts
  6. 3x underwear + socks
  7. Sunglasses
  8. Sun cream
  9. Muscles
  10. Straw hat
  11. Toothbrush
  12. Another Vodka
  13. Bug repellent
  14. My charm

What else ? did I missed something?

My thanks goes to :

@MidnightRoses - 15. Deodorant + Hair grease
@Sentry_Gun 16.

@Donut 17. Towel


Cond…itioner. For that hair. :wink:

Jokes aside, something to do if it doesn’t turn out to be as fun as you thought or you have free time? Book to read, etc?

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A fat bag of grass.


I tried reading books while I am drunk… Error404 - Not working .

But thanks for the conditioner thing , that reminds me I forget Deodorant :smiley:

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I only drink ;_;

Real men/women/others drink vodka. :facepunch:

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Hell yea !

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Easy on that liquor then!

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Me too! :stuck_out_tongue:

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No going easy on the liquor.


Also, is this festival in a warm place or a cold place or?

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Yeah, if it’s a warm place I suggest you bring a fan :smile:


Condoms. No really, @Zeon pack 'em. Doesn’t matter what you think will happen. When you’re drunk and you’re at a festival, well… stuff happens. Better safe than sorry, aye? :wink:


If it’s a warm place, fill a spray bottle with cold water and keep using it…Yes, I am weird.

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Not really, I also do that :stuck_out_tongue:

@Buckets_Sentry_Gun Don´t play with fire …

I have a girfliend and she is not going with me so no condoms needed … I have a hearth ;_;

@MidnightRoses well yea it will be pretty hot here , But I hope there will be some water hoses :stuck_out_tongue:

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hmmm… maybe I should take a knife ?

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Then I suggest you bring this:

Or if you’re lazy like me, this:

Hmmmm… the hand fan ( or how the wood/cloth thing is called) is interesting…

But wouldn ´t I look silly? :smiley:

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