What to dodge on Gorgon at close distance?


I’ve had a few games against Gorgon where she was focusing me (Slim). I could keep myself alive pretty well, despite not dodging anyhting, but I didnt really know what to dodge in the first place.

Web Snare? At that close range impossible to dodge.
Acid Spit? The spit follows you and once its finished you can just walk out of the acid pools.
Spider Trap? If Gorgon uses it that close to herself, it will be killed by any halfway decent Assault anyways.
Mimic? Has 3 traversals to follow you arround.
Heavy Melees? I mean really, I should dodge some 200 damage?


Nothing to dodge vs gorgon.
Kill the spiders and do as much damage as you can before you die.

This monster needs no skill to hit his abilities.

You can still manage to dodge websnare by anticipating if gorgon isn’t too close.

Mimic can’t be killed if used in your face.

Acid is hardly avoidable, he will aim at you so whatev, walk out of it as you mentioned.

Not a ton of fun to fight actually.


For Gorgon use fuel to get out of acid and to reposition.

For example, to get to another high spot away from her, or to jump out of acid fast.

If it’s medium range onwards, dodge Websnare. That’s basically it.


Yeah, only try to dodge spiders if your team is inept at shooting them and you want to spend more than half the fight doing something other than watching yourself get carried away.


Not having energy for jumpjets doesn’t mean you can’t jump at all. You still can use regular jumps, thus minimizing time you actually ‘touch’ the ground. Its still a pool, not cloud.


I still believe it has some height to it, more that you can jump. But still the actual spit will follow you wherever you dodge.


Use jetpack to avoid spiders when you hear their scream and don’t stand in acid.


I play Gorgon a lot and I say you can “dodge” acid puddles but still get hurt by the stream.
Don’t forget you can trap mimic.
For baby spider use jet pack jump upward.


Does anybody know how high up the acid burns into the air? Would tier one jump height get you out?


Maybe a jet jump higher?