What to do about in-game trolls?


Topic line. Besides just leaving games, is there anything that can be done? I just had one guy who joined and instantly started bitching and moaning about “the devs are retarded this” and “the devs shit on this game that” and wouldn’t shut up. I muted him but since I had been playing with the rest of the group for the last three or four rounds, I stayed. So match starts and this dude just stands there after getting dropped off. He’s the trapper, so that’s a problem. He stands there long enough to go idle and we all know just how useful bots are, especially trapper bots.

Anyhow, at random intervals he would come back from idle just so he could stand in one spot again until he idled again. Even through all of that we still won, but it begs the question of what can be done? Is there no way to report in-game griefers/trolls? I tried looking up the in-game name on Steam, but since Steam allows you to change your name ad nauseum and your username isn’t necessarily your display name I couldn’t find him.

I get that it’s just pubs, but man. Shit is frustrating.


All you can really do is report and block on your platform.


Troll them back!

Fight Fire with Fire!


And how does one do this on Steam? I don’t use Steam for anything other than Evolve so I don’t really know how it functions.


Ahh, well I’m not sure. @THISaint is reporting/blocking on steam an option?


Vote to kick and a report option would be abused.

I think an option to not be placed in a match containing a reported person might work.

Even Ranked matches will run into the issue of trolls and bad players, especially given enough time.


It was an option on L4D as far as I know, however it’s another story for Evolve.

As Evolve uses 2K’s account system which is more complex than L4D’s Steamworks system, blocking the person won’t prevent a chance of being matched up with them.

The only option at the moment is simply to mute them. However, if you found them too abusive, you can always report the player at the 2K’s official support channel from here - http://support.2k.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


That’s too bad. However I’ve been playing since launch day and I haven’t run into more than one or two trolls, so I guess it isn’t all that bad. Who exactly do I report, anyhow? As I mentioned, I could not find a Steam profile for the in-game name being shown.


Whatever you do, don’t let him ruin your experience. Granted that is a bit difficult playing handicapped when you expect to be playing with a full hand, but sometimes it happens. Everyone here posted useful advice already so I don’t have much to offer on that. Maybe you can try personally messaging him if that is possible on Steam, or asking on the mic if you have one.


But you can’t mute their chat.


That’s interesting. Didn’t know that before!


You can’t mute the chat in any way. I’ve been requesting an option to do so, even have it as a default, but I haven’t had any reply from the developers. Summon @macman et al.

So basically, if you run into a bully, griefer, a-hole or however you want to call someone who relates to oyou with violence in the game, you can’t do anything to avoid being insulted and harassed. Of course you can have his way and leave the game, and make the crappy people win against those who respect others.