What To Call Out


For hunter teams, the biggest deciding factors in whether you win or lose is teamwork and communication. If you talk to any good hunter team, they’ll tell you that you need to ‘talk to each other’. I’ve been playing this game for a long time now, but I’ve only recently started to take communication and call outs more seriously.

The last week or so, I’ve been practicing with a decent hunter team who are all pretty capable, and we get along well. We’ve worked on dodging and fighting different monsters, as well as positioning and choosing where to engage. The one thing we aren’t doing so well at is communicating when we’re actually fighting, and I think it’s causing us to be less effective. The problem is, no one really knows what to call out other than ‘My shield’s out’ or ‘Medic, I need health!’.

So thought it might be a good idea to make a post and ask for some of the more successful hunter teams to comment what is helpful to call out, and what is just distracting noise. What should we pay attention to, and what can we do to be better?


It’s good to pair up when finding the Monster early on and communicate with trapper.

“He’s doubling back!” “Assault, go flush him out.” “Dome is ready in 5 secs.”


Communicate lika dis. In combat, call out abilities, monster positioning, his target, your positioning in tandom with the monsters target positioning. Out of combat, broken trees, possible directions, etc. When communicating out of combat as well as in combat, make it quick. Especially when out of combat, you need to keep the team ((and especially the trapper)) informed, but you also need to keep your senses keen to the Hunt.

There should be a constant stream of information in order to keep people on the same page.


Yeah, I think we definitely need to learn how to spread out more effectively. We have had a couple games where we agreed to split, and three people went one way while the other went to cut off the monster, not knowing he was alone. I’ve suggested we do a system of leaders and followers, where two people are designated leaders, and they each have a designated follower who trails them when out of combat.

As for Assault flushing the monster out, we’ve had some problems. We’re not really sure how to push the monster without getting one person cut off from the team or having two people stuck in caves. Especially against a behemoth. And once we get into a dome, the assault spends most of the time chasing the monster back and forth. I think it’s mostly poor dome positioning and a lack of coordination. Do you have any tips for helping a panicky medic/support figure out where to run to when being chased, so the monster runs through cc and is kited near assault?

I assume calling out whether or not the dome is ready will give us a chance to decide on a good dome location and how to split, right?


So pretty much just anything that catches our eye, or that others might not see.


Yeah, just make sure everyone is always on the same page. It helps with synergy. However, remember when it’s quiet time ((like when you begin flushing a beastie out of cover))


Alright, what would be considered a good time to be quiet?


Well, when you’re trying to find the monster, you want to trade information quickly “Wildlife is spawned over here!” or “Hey, there’s a lottt of broken terrain over here!” But you don’t want to go on long rants like I do :slightly_smiling:.

Another example, when the assault has been told to flush an area for the beast. He’s need to be able to listen for possible sniffing/movement. When you ask him, “You see anything?” and he says, “I don’t see any tracks” You should mentally think, “Hmm, he could’ve double backed this way or he could’ve gone this way, or that way, maybe that way,” and when you reach a likely conclusion then you ask the team, “Hey, think he double backed?” When it’s quiet time, don’t draw too much attention away from the Hunt with idle thinking.

Sharing ideas is great! But don’t flood with information when you need to listen for the beastie.


Alright, thanks. I’ll keep this in mind next time we get together


Good Hunting.


Keeping monster ability cooldowns in mind and calling out when you think they’re about to be used is huge, as well as a support or medic letting someone know they’re about to help.

“Aftershock soon!” “Shield ready, don’t waste jetpack.” “Healburst up, get on me.” “Repulsing!”

As well as things like, “Give me jetpack, Sunny!” “Where are mines/shield drone/traps?” “I need cloak!”

Keeping others informed of your cooldowns and plans always helps.


Which moves should we focus on keeping track of, and what should we do to avoid/mitigate against those moves?


Try to keep track of all of them except maybe fire or banshee mines as an example. How to avoid/mitigate these moves is use your jetpack and terrain :wink:


Usually Warp Blast, Aftershock, Lightning Strike, Rock Throw, Leap Smash, and everything Behemoth does. It’s really hard to avoid a point-blank Vortex or Web Snare or Fire Breath, so there’s not much use in calling those out. Basically, if it’s a big-damage ability, just remind others of when it might be coming out so they’re ready to dodge.


Alright, so basically just one or two hard hitting attacks. Speaking of behemoth, do you have any suggestions to avoid getting isolated with RW? My teammates have a hard time with him, and I’ve been trying to teach them to spread out but when they get stuck behind the wall they’re lost.


Right now the best solutions are either spreading out like you’d mentioned and keeping each others’ positions in mind, or having trapper/assault facecheck the wall as it comes up. You can also try to keep one member, hopefully with an explosive, up high at all times. That way if the wall comes up, the explosives should be able to stop any pounces by shooting over the edge. If you have Caira, have the isolated person stand against the wall so they’ll still get hit by the healing grenades.

The wall will deal damage but won’t come up if there’s something directly on top of it that it can fling out of the way. Have an assault or trapper run into a section as it’s coming out of the ground and you can usually force a gap.

If this is a bug, @Buckets_Sentry_Gun or @TheMountainThatRoars or some other mod, get rid of it - I don’t want to recommend players exploit bugs. But it’s so consistent that I just assume it’s not, and is instead the system deciding not to make a wall there.


When playing Trapper, the things I usually call are are;

Wildlife (Nomad, mammoths, toad, etc). in the dome.

Dome status - Dome half ready, dome ready, doming, dome down in 15/10/5 seconds, dome down.

Abilities that the monster is going to use.

If I need heals “heals” (medic knows my voice so I don’t need to bother with extra info).

As assault it’s important to say when you have a personal, when you’re popping personal, and when your personal is on CD (when being attacked). This lets support (if a defensive one) know if they need to help you or can help others/do damage.


The assault we have been playing with does a great job of calling out when his shield is off cooldown or spent, so we have that covered at least. Our trapper usually calls out when the dome is ready or coming down, but we’ll work on being more active with that. And we definitely need to work on removing wildlife from domes. Thanks for the suggestions!


It may not be required for the Trapper to call ALL of that, but since I’m thinking most of this anyway, I’ll just say it into the mic. Also means if medic decides to get stuck in a toad, I can say “well I did tell you. Fuckin’ noob.” :stuck_out_tongue:

I try to call out the domes, but it’s easy to be too focused and not realize it’s going down, so as long as he’s doing it often, he’s doing fine. Don’t expect a call for every dome :stuck_out_tongue:

Whenever there’s wildlife in a dome, I will usually call it out so people are aware that;

  1. there’s danger

  2. there’s food that needs watching so we don’t lose progress

Against behemoth, you want to not spread out TOO much. Perhaps have 2 people teams, who are within close proximity to one another. It can be tricky sometimes depending on the dome. Try to dodge all tonguegrabs, and you should be ok.


On a hunt:

It’s important that everyone always knows where the monster is. Whoever has direct line of sight on the monster has to tell his team where he is going. Left, right, not moving at all… Especially the trapper who stays back has to know where the monster is, just by listening to his teammates.
When the monster goes around a big loop, someone should watch the other side and call out if the monster comes around. And also call out when he doesn’t!

In a dome:

Ping when the monster runs and tries to hide.
The medic might look at the support to heal him and then doesn’t know where the monster is. Just ping the direction of the monster once in a while when he’s behind cover.

Communicate splits.
Usually the assault just follows the monster around every loop and the other 3 wait on the other side. That way you can always do damage no matter where he goes. You should never all be at the same side of a loop.

When someone is being focused, tell him what to do and where to go!
Especially if someone runs out of LoS. Tell him to run back or keep running around whatever he ran behind. Tell him to use a special tree for kiting or tell him where to go to get shielded from sunnys drone. Tell him where harpoon traps are. Tell him to come towards the trapper if it is Jack or to run away from him if it is Griffin. Tell him where you got arc mines or sentry guns.
And then tell him when the monster switches targets, otherwise he keeps running and running and running ^^

Calling out heals, shields ect was already mentioned in previous posts. That’s also important.

There are special situations that happen all the time and in which you always have the same questions. Assault goes alone behind a corner – you want to know if he has his shield. You are fighting in a dome – you want to know how much time is left. You are inside an aftershock – you want to know if Hank shields you or if you have to dodge.

Now imagine you play those characters you have questions about.
You go alone behind a corner – you tell your team if you got your personal shield.
You are trapper in a dome – you tell your team how much time is left.
You are Hank – you tell your teammate if you can shield him or not.
and so on

When you are playing and your team asks you questions, try to remember those questions and next time give the answer, before they even ask. This takes a lot of practice with the same team, but once it works, it’s a great experience ^^