What tier are the new hunters from the Season Pass and Monster Race?


By ordering Digital Deluxe I get 4 new hunters. By ordering Monster Race I get two extra new hunters.

Which tier are the 4 new hunters from Digital Deluxe? Are they the tier 3 guys (Caira, Cabot, etc.) or will they be a still unrevealed tier 4?
For the two new hunters of Monster Race, will they be tier 5?

I suppose those six new hunters are ONLY playable for those who own the respective pre-orders OR buy the DLCs when they are released? Or does buying the pre-order/DLCs just immediately unlock the hunters (thus cheating the usual progression), but they are still playable if one bothers to do the usual progression?

I think the pre-order benefits could use some major clarification…


This might help. The four extra hunters will be tier 4.


Much obliged sir. That stuff SHOULD HAVE BEEN PINNED :confused:


It actually is pinned but the forum is suffering from lots of new threads.