What the true objective is? Hm?

Don’t you love it when you win an all out brawl in hunt and watch your rank rise ever so slowly but winning is just enough to please you? I know, it’s awesome.

Until you get a message from a salty hunter complaining and literally insulting you, because you won.

Monster main OG Kraken and EK. Their the best of both worlds. OG good for right above the hunters aim zone and EK when I’m just plain wanting to be a a**hole while I play “trap nation” in my headphones because lightning striking on a bass drop pleases me.

Sexually… jk not kidding

But back on topic.

The message is usually this.

From: [Redacted]

Your such a joke, running the entire time. Maybe if you weren’t so scared you fight us on stage 1.


Stage 1 pertaining to EK because he can supposedly take all the hunters out on stage 1.

That’s a lie, a hella, mind my language PLEASE!!

A hella coordinated comp will kill me and I will rage quit.


So here’s what I send back.

To: [Redacted]

The objective is to destroy the RELAY.
Not… destroy the hunters.


And I smile and wait 30 minutes for my next match.

Your not welcome.

Oh my… At this point he should have asked you to not move during a fight and let yourself die in peace O.o


Ah yes, the top notch creator of The tyrant is a ####### piece of #### and Caira and Lazarus are better than Val, no no no back at it again with another high quality post.


First off, you’re kinda a dick if you use EK on consoles/legacy.

Secondly, the end goal is to destroy the relay, yes. However the most boring games are when the monster just evades, no matter the stage. You should be able to engage them at least during S2. If not, then I don’t see why they shouldn’t be angry at you.


Using Elder Kraken on legacy Evolve means you’re a jerk or you’re a scrub.

The true goal is to kill all the Hunters or destroy the relay (Most likely both happen, but one of them happens off-screen. If you kill all the Hunters, then the relay is destroyed off-screen and vice versa). Whenever I get salty messages, I just embrace them. I use them to fuel my rage during the next round. Let them send you messages. That Hunter thought he was entitled most likely, considering he got upset when you didn’t engage at Stage 1.


What’s so wrong with playing as EK, I’ve beaten it as a hunter. I usually play as medic when I’m not a monster so there’s no room for saying I’m lying. Lazarus FTW. Makes EK practically useless.

And why I gotta be a scrub and a jerk.

So what if I main EK, dang. You act like he’s the worst monster. He’s an “Elder” for a reason. I guess Queen Gorgon isn’t better than “Gorgon” either. If she was a playable monster, that is.

I’ve lost tons of times as him.

Gosh I got too triggered.

And this jerk face commented that I name shamed, that was fake. I literally made that up in like 2 seconds because I don’t remember the username.

You also deleted your comment.

I’m not sorry, I’m salty.

But… I’m not opposed to others opinions that is.

AND YES, I’m aware that I’m spamming when I literally could have put this altogether but hey!

He’s OP broken. The devs themselves admitted that there was a glitch that boosted EK’s numbers too much when they were buffing him for the 8.1 Macropatch. Laz can easily be defeated with most Monsters because most people don’t know how to properly use him. You can focus him first or you can focus the Assault and camp the dead body for 45 seconds.

I didn’t say scrub AND jerk. I said scrub OR jerk.


XD if I deleted my comment it would say I deleted it and that it would be removed in 24 hours. But since mods took care of the issue they removed my comment. If it was a fake name made in 2 seconds you could have spared one more second, just to read the rules and see that it’s not allowed. Or even to say it wasn’t the actual name.

Hi Salty, I’m Right. :sunglasses:

P.s. the reason why people say that EK mains (or anyone that plays Kelder) is a jerk, is because he received a unintended massive over-buff (admitted by the devs here) and was never fixed. It’s been a long standing joke that you could squat over your controller and take a dump on it, to get a stage 1 win with him. (For consoles and legacy, not stage 2)


But do we know she was on legacy ? Yes it’s boring here, but you can’t do that with Stage 2.
Especially if she lose often, if I remember well, Elder Kraken is more balanced, no ?

There is nothing wrong in avoiding the fights when you are S1.

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Yes. We know lol.


Sorry I didn’t know ^^
Then yes, maybe you should try to play in other ways so you can enjoy the game as much as the hunters, always running must be boring. I’m also sorry to say that EK is really strong compared to the other monsters, but the other monsters aren’t weak so you can still play them =)


I like EK, he’s my only favorite monster to play

Just wanna put that out there so that SADDAYZ isn’t alone


Your actin like EK “always” wins.

And every monster counter part is better than its original and that’s my opinion.

If Phantom Wraith or Queen Gorgon imagine the damage they could do, if they were playable.

Or like a Plasma Lennox or Battle Lazarus.

Imagine a laz that can play like a EMET.

At this point in time I’m on PS4 atm because xb is being fixed.

In Legacy/consoles, nope. Kelder is far from balanced, which is why I thought there was a mutual agreement not to use him on those platforms.

And I never said anything was wrong with avoiding S1 fights. It’s just that constantly running the whole game is what’s going to drive away more players from the game.

When I played monster I would always force a fight during S2, to both make the game interesting and start my advantage towards winning. Thus I asked if OP forced an engagement.

I know he doesn’t, but he has a much easier time winning over the other monsters.


It’s OK to like Kelder, just not play him on legacy. S2 I though he was pretty fine.

He’s also one of my favorite monsters but I didn’t play him on legacy.


Tell the bot that lol. I entered an in progress QP game and the Monster that the bot had chosen just happened to be Kelder. I was not happy at all.


Not gonna lie. A bot Kelder is what nightmares are made of. It does not give up. Which is why I play laz, and also jetpack recharge. That AI is hell bent on giving you a strike.

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