What the hyde adaptation could be

So with the propaganda timeline being talked about recently i’ve been thinking about what the hyde one could be. As hyde and hank have talked about hyde getting lasers. Since waisy gets hydes flamethrower maybe he gets re imagined as LASER HYDE. This is what I think his abilities could be:

weapon one LASER BEAM: shoots a kamehameha gun laser thing that deals more damage at mid range and less at long and close.

Weapon two: replaces the flamethrower with a LASER flamethrower dealing slightly more damage than normal but no burning

Unique ability speed of light: this grenade speeds up allies by 30% for 8 seconds after they leave the cloud. The could is 25% bigger.

And he would be assault or support

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He will be an assault.


yeah probs

######Until further notice.

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H-Hyde exists in Deepest Dark, not in Overpowered. They’re also time periods, not completely separate time lines.


I’m curious what a laser flamethrower would look like :wink:

There’s a lot of lore around the chem troopers already established - this is something I’d like to see them explore I think.

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probably something like neon yellow static electricity just billowing out.

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We could get a chemtrooper Hyde who uses an acid spray instead of a flamethrower.



That show is my fucking life. :joy:


Am okay with this. @_@


He’s from the Deepest Dark timeline so his adaptation’s probably going to be the most gritty, dark, awfully macabre and savagely violent gory thing you’ve ever seen.

He should become a medic.

(Parnell is using old equipmen in the DD periodt, so I hope Hyde does the same with his chem trooper armor, perhaps even with the mask this time.)

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Not the mask…

H. Hyde… Hydro Hyde… Shoots water. :stuck_out_tongue:


yes but it is almost guaranteed that he dies because of waggie so he could also be re imagined

Really want a trapper Hyde who has a cryo-beam instead of a flamethrower. Slows the monster, increasing in severity the longer its in contact with it. After a certain threshold, the monster freezes for a moment.


I think H-Hyde is either Hybrid Hyde which could be Hyde injected with HNA or monster HNA to be precise.

It could also stand for Hell Hyde which can also be a reference to a movie or just Hyde himself engulfed in fire.

Hell-Hyde is a hunter who was a former chem trooper, now he is a monster consumed and engulfed in fire burning and leaving trails of fire turning everything around him to ashes.

Profaned flame thrower- This is Hell Hydes primary weapon that does a lot of damage, but it also sets the surroundings on fire damaging both monster and teammates that walk into the fire coated area.

Overheated minigun- Hell Hydes secondary weapon that fires bullets engulfed in flames damaging and burning the monster.

Wild fire- A grenade that explodes upon landing does damage to the monster and leaves fire in the area the grenade landed, monsters or hunters that are in the fire will be burned.

Cataclysmic fire- Hell Hyde when using this ability abruptly detonates setting himself and his surrounding area on fire causing DOT and initial damage on himself for the duration of the ability, but in exchange he becomes very destructive engulfing everything around him in fire.

His weapons get boosted in this state dealing more damage and spreads the fire even more. His damage reduction is very low, but any monster that tries to attack Hell Hyde in this state will be burned upon hitting him with melee. Though any ally too close to him will get burned as well.

I think @ToiletWraith might like a Hell-Hyde idea because of this.