What. The Heck


Okay, first off, helllloooo Turtle Rock. It’s been a loooong time, love you all, hope everyone is good. I dropped off the forums after Evolve development got shut down, if anyone remembers I played on PS4 so I never even got to experience any of the savage Stage 2 stuff and was salty it wasn’t coming to consoles. #Fuck2K #ThoseFuckingFucks

SO. Guess who went and built a PC, and decided to check on the status of his once-favorite-game-of-all-time. This guy, and lemme tell you I expected the player base to be down to the last loyal players, I expected there to be some unresolved bugs and long wait times… but the servers man? 2K shut down the servers???

2K is literally ROLLING in money!!! Let’s look at some of their titles, ever heard of BioShock? How about Civilization, Red Dead Redemption or Borderlands? Fucking GRAND THEFT AUTO. These guys have published some of the largest titles in gaming history, not including their crappy sports games they release every year, and they couldn’t keep a few low traffic servers online for an amazing game that THEY ruined??

What a load of stir fried GARBAGE. Those, those burp mother fuckers are so concerned over their billions of dollars that they can’t even devote some spare changes towards divvying crumbs for the better souls. (Aesop Rock reference.) I was willing to buy this game a second time, JUST to play as Glacial Behemoth. I wanted to roll up on mothafukkas sprayin em with my frosty juice. Buuuut nooooo, 2K just loooooves fucking me.

2k Head of Douchebaggery; “hey it’s been a few years since we fucked that guy Rick and the rest of the Evolve fan base, want me to go fuck em again?”

2k Lead of Corporate Bullshit; “Yeah go fuck those guys, happiness is for the RICH hahaha”

Both; “yeeeaaauuuh!!!” speeds off in their Lambo’s.

Anyways uh nice to be back, missed you guys at Turtle Rock, FUCK 2K.

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I am not even sure if you are joking but hey,that make me laugh so i guess it count toward something

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I don’t think he’s joking, but I am 100% okay with his thoughts towards the publisher.
Welcome back, bud!

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Annnd that’s one walking meme right there.

In all seriousness, I share the sentiments.



Oh no, I’m soooo serious. I had a handful of games I wanted to get for my PC, and Evolve has always been one of them. How I longed to snipe a Wraith from across the map with my mouse and keyboard, how nice it must be to have a Caira not miss 2 of her healing grenades, or a Griffin who isn’t missing half his harpoons. I wasn’t keeping up with Evolve news because frankly, I didn’t think there would be any. When I Googled it and the first thing that popped up were the servers shutting down, it took me right back to that day… flashback time

It was October 25th, 2016. burp Evolve was more exciting than ever. Well, sorta, it was on PC. Us console peeps had to wait our turn, we had the new Markov and Val, but I was always so excited seeing the new goodies the PC Master Race got to experience because it was all supposedly coming to consoles eventually with-

  • Evolve, Stage 2!

Sounds neat, right? I was so pumped! PC had like, all these cool variants and the new ranked mode, and it was all so sick. Then all at once, BOOM, new Behemoth variation aaaannnnd… 2K crapping all over everything. Turtle Rock made such a sick game, and 2k mismanaged the fuuuuuck out of it. Sad day man.

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Are we even allowed to use the F*** word in the title of a thread :unamused:
FYI: Everyone is entitled to their opinions but these forums are not a place to bash or insult 2K games.
Please tone it down, thanks.



im not saying the previous sport games weren’t crappy.
But im enjoying Steep a shit ton

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This is gona get shutdown as soon as one of the kids wake up, but I had to get that off my chest. It’s been a recurring theme lately in gaming, that a game shows promise but then something happens (cough Bethesda what the FUCK happened to Fallout 76??) and the whole thing turns into a dumpster fire. (EA Anthem is bad, and you should feel bad!)

Even Blizzard who I’ve always been a fan of is slowly being consumed by Activision. Slowly, but surely, being destroyed. Evolve was different to me because, if TRS has complete freedom I think it would’ve been legendary, but 2K got their grubby, money hungry fingers into it.



May #Fu2k live on in our hearts



Excuse you.
/Changing title.

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Oh no, Steep looks bad ass. I was kicking myself for not getting it when it was free.

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Wraith I missssssed youuu sorry I’m a scumbag.



There was a huge sale but it wasn’t free
Was it?



Yeaaah, welcome back. But you gotta tone it down a bit, aight?

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I spent like 2 hours a day just exploring and playing around. Beautiful game

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It was free on PS+ in like December or January but I never downloaded it



Ah, i stand corrected



Yeah I know, the salt was real. I’ll stahp.



You good. In other news, you should come and hang out in TRS’s official discord, where we all hype their new upcoming game, Back 4 Blood!



Assuming your intoxicated.

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