What the heck is with Torvald's tier one grenade mastery?


But really though; I completed both his mortar and shotgun im my first match, while grenade went to 5/1000… really? I get what the text really means (do the bonus damage 1000 times), I just think it’s a really unbalanced start to get compared to the other two; even if I were to focus on just that star (which I wouldn’t do- I play to be competitive, not grind) it’s looks like it’s gonna take a good 100 games, which seems a lot for one star… am I missing something? At the end of the day it’s not a huge deal- like I said, I get satisfaction out of a good match, not watching some arbitrary meter fill up, it just seems weirdly spaced compared to the other two.


Yeah its true.This mastery should be the last star for elite if we compare how much time it takes to complete :smile:
I guess its gonna be changed.But yeah i don’t care that much tho as well


Isn’t it just asking you to do 1000 bonus damage? I got it pretty easily to be honest but it did start off weird. I recommend just throwing the grenade at one side of a monster to cluster the weakpoints then batter them with the shotgun. Speaking of which, try using quick switch with Torvald. Makes it easier to maintain weak points and it feels absolutely nuts.


Throw it at wildlife, than shoot the weakspots on them. I got it in about 8 games.

The 2 star one is even more fun though. It’s the same thing, but you HAVE to do it on the monster. Only 300 points fortunately.


for doing 1000 bonus damage how do I only have 27, I hope it doesn’t mean do additional damage 1000 times


It’s just such a bizarre number to choose from a dev point of view (given that the whole point of the masteries are to give the player an artificial sense of progress/getting better); I wonder what the thought process was.


That’s exactly what it means actually; very poorly worded.


Nah, I think it’s just bugged and doesn’t register damage sometimes. My first lot of bonus damage was really small too. To be fair it’s suprising how little damage those weak points are often worth in a typical game. If it does mean do bonus damage 1000 times then I haven’t a clue how I got it so easily but quick switch was definitely involved. I caused an overabundance of weak spots with that perk. Guess each shotgun pellet hitting a separate mark counts.


To my knowledge that is how it works; the damage really racks up faster than you think- if it was just a thousand damage you could get it off of one grenade- remember, it’s not just damage you’re doing, but all your teammates as well.


Yeah, that sounds about right. The number could use toning down a bit then. I think I just got lucky with clustered weak spots. I’ve actually completed the 2 star challenge without realising it so I’ve no idea what you’re meant to do for either of 'em.


I was wondering why It was so weird, cause I use them all the time, and have been torvald like 15 matches when I want to be slim


It’s probably down to how I play him. Quick switch is suprisingly good with him, you can unload a shotgun, unload mortars, get back to shotgun as it reloads to unload again, throw out a grenade, unload the shotgun again before all mortars are ready. Your weapons are practically never waiting on full ammo and you tend to throw more targets on the monster before the old ones have ran out without even having to sacrifice the DPS of your other weapons.

That said, I did play solo with him a bit and solo likes to put you into defend. Picking quick switch, bucket and abe would probably help speed things up.


I struggled to get the bonus damage. I just 168 in a defend game. Kept grenadine the minions and shotgun bing them


funny thing is that the t2 masteries only requires 300 (from teammates)


I don’t have it yet :blush:

It’s really weird though. Probably should be changed a bit.


Nearly got 600 in a hunt :smiley: it’s easy once you realise you just need to use the grenade and shotgun on anything living haha


That’s all well and good, I just don’t think it should be that grindy in the first place.


Aaaaah I thought it meant do 1000 bonus damage, not bonus damage 1000 times.

So that’s why I got 7 bonus damage on it that one round.


Ah, that makes so much more sense. I was looking at the numbers and thinking, “wow, if I used the grenade that much and only dealt that much bonus damage, then this thing is useless”. Now looking back, hitting the targets 1000 times sounds much more realistic lol


Struggling to get much bonus damage on the monster in hunt and things, got 7 followed with 12 even though I shot the like hell. Seems to be much better on wildlife and minions.