What the Devs MUST do ASAP to help the fanbase grow


Dear Devs,
I adore this game. It is so much fun to play against good opponents and teamates, but those are becoming rare these days.
First of all, the playerbase is shrinking daily, and that’s really not controllable. It’s an online only game that is best played with friends, once one friend is tired of the game, 4 or 5 are.
Now don’t get me wrong, this game is still fun without friends but is indefinitely better with them.
How does this tie in to my main point? I have seen a lot of people ditch this game, but I have alao seen new people at level 01 join each week (and recently there has been a new wave for some reason). What ensues afterwards is a tragedy.
I see all too many new players buy this game hearing its a good time (they heard right) and end up leaving a week later. The reason: its too late. The current players are all level 40 or nearing it and have a lot of experience under their belt. This game is deep, which is what I love about it, lots of stragey and skill on both sides of the hunt. This has its ups, but a side affect is huge learning curve, which makes it difficult for new hunters to join in when there are level 40s running rampant.
Despite the size of the playerbase, I think that ranked matches are still viable, should atleast be an option for beginners online, and offer a solution to this problem. The tutorial videos should not be overlooked for any new hunters (ahem). Online videos are really good teachers aswell.
But like I was saying, ranked matches would really help newbies feel like they don’t suck and will allow them to grow(this teaching process is usually done in a campaign ahem). But in all seriousness, this should be implemented soon imo.
Best of luck,


I don’t know I feel the exact opposite. If I’m in a ranked game you want people who know what they’re doing. Having a new guy in a ranked game where your ranking is affected is the last thing you want, because you’re babysitting someone who has no idea what their doing.

This is why ranked games typically have some sort of level requirement.


By ranked, I think OP is assuming that there will be an MMR system in place, where new players are placed against other new players, and top players are placed with top players etc.


I support this whoreheartedly. It’s kind of sad that I have come to the point where I have to be matches with lower ranked people and (90% of the time) feel bad for feeiling bad about them and not trying to pub stomp them, but you do and you were almost never trying to shoot… Not trying to sound cocky, but it’s happened.


Good idea OP


Yeh in the groups I regularly play with Im always very vocal when a level 20 or less player joins. I make a point to be friendly and offer advice, and if they get monster, god help them, we let them go twice and thats generally as long as I can make people not utterly destroy them xD At least they get about 10 minutes of game time, enough to learn 1 thing right?? RIGHT??


they need to make a sale and add a matchmaking that puts equal people together.


I was more going for a behind the scenes ranking matchmaking for skirmish. Just have low levels paired with low levels and high levels paired with high levels. I would say use the leaderboards but those things just don’t work.
Once the low level gain levels inevitably, they will play with people around their skill level. It’s not so clear like “You are level one you must play ranked and you will play other noobs and you will feel bad.”
But I can totally see how you got that from the OP, and I can see how it would make noobs feel punished for no reason.


they need to add a lot more game modes than just ranked play


What i meant was ranked play was a behind the scenes mandatory system of matching low levels to low levels in skirmish, it wouldn’t be its own game mode.
I agree more game modes would be cool.