What the Crowbill


Putting this in the monster category because that’s what Crowbills are. Mean monsters.

What kills me the most is the little roar-taunt he does before finishing the job.




Can’t even change the category, your logic is too strong :+1:


I laughed at this… He charged off the cliff to kill you.


I had a dune beetle teleport on top of a rock once to kill me but I think this takes the cake.


The best part is that I hadn’t even seen this crowbill before. Charged halfway across the map out of nowhere to mess up my day


Maybe it was mating season… They get fiercely territorial at that time :wink:


Then all of Evolve’s wildlife are locked in a perpetual mating season :stuck_out_tongue:


Would definitely explain the Mammoth Birds.


I am so done with life right now. :joy:


You’re telling me. We lost the match because of this.


I guess you could say that Crowbill was…

puts on sunglasses

KRAKEN down on your team.



THE PUNS!!! ALL DAY!! THEY NEVER STOP!!! AHHHHH!!! (maybe I should learn to turn off caps lock :smiley: )


Or the tyrants, I often see them leave the water and start wandering around the map :monster:


It was mating season and he was attacking Va…WHAT ARE YOU IMPLYIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG.

Oh wait, territorial…Right, got it…Nevermind…Nothing…


That is beautiful absolutely awesome


That looked painful.


And you damned @Sorrowgate .


Either way, it feels like the wildlife is evolving… I encountered a Dune Beetle who hid atop a building to jump down on me on Foundry yesterday. It was horrifying.


That’s so horrible :fearful: :cry: :scream: Where did that Crowbill come from…?

I agree with you suddenly :scream: :scream_cat: :scream:

[quote=“Rapterror, post:12, topic:57250”]
puts on sunglasses

KRAKEN down on your team.
[/quote] Many puns… Ha. xD


No idea. Out of nowhere he just wanted to ruin my day.