What the actual HELL! $44.95 for 1 DLC?


Behemoth= $14.99
Slim= $7.49
Sunny= $7.49
Torvald= $7.49
Crow= $7.49

Total= $44.95

WHAT THE HELL?? 2K is a bunch of greedy asses…

any normal DLC is $15.00 on almost any game…


I need a part time job just to buy these characters…

Not all of us have a mommy and daddy to buy us shit!!! In case you didnt notice game is rated M for mature.

Mature people have bills to pay, assholes…

well thank you showing me up front so i can stop playing before you nickel and dime me to death!!!

All the bad shit i seen online about gouging DLC was true… I should have listened and not have spent $60.00 on this shit…


I moved 15 posts to an existing topic: What the actual HELL! $44.95 for 1 DLC? last was closed, where is my freedom of speech?


Inb4 closed.


If you wish to post about the DLC, there are constructive and helpful ways to do so rather than insulting everything and swearing up a storm.

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