What the actual HELL! $44.95 for 1 DLC?_?_?


Behemoth= $14.99
Slim= $7.49
Sunny= $7.49
Torvald= $7.49
Crow= $7.49

Total= $44.95

WHAT THE HELL?? 2K is a bunch of greedy buttheads…

any normal DLC is $15.00 on almost any game…


I need a part time job just to buy these characters…

Not all of us have a mommy and daddy to buy us crap!!! In case you didnt notice game is rated M for mature.

Mature people have bills to pay, buttholes…

well thank you showing me up front so i can stop playing before you nickel and dime me to death!!!

All the bad shit i seen online about gouging DLC was true… I should have listened and not have spent $60.00 on this crap…

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What the actual HELL! $44.95 for 1 DLC?

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