What teams of hunters do best against the Goliath, Kraken, or Wraith


Now here is the point. Playing against the monster is thrilling but I often think which hunter style best suites the fight for the monster. As Wraith you despise Hyde and his flaming wrath. But as a Goliath you are delighted to see Val backed up in a corner of doom.

So in words if you are to put together your idea of the perfect hunter team for Hunting a Goliath, or the ideal stationary team (which means Bucket’s turrets, Mag’s harpoon mines, and Markov’s arcs) for the map defend. Go ahead and assemble the greatest team imaginable for your beastly foe. Write down your teams combos and strengths that are the best in a fight.


Feel like against Kraken, the following hunters are strong against it: Parnell, Lazarus, Cabot, and Griffin.

Parnell, the longest range of the assaults, can reach the Kraken without too much effort with his rockets.
Lazarus, with his revivifier, can revive much better without Goliath or (especially) wraith, as Kraken will be in the air and can’t (or is much harder than other monsters) to eat fallen comrades.
Cabot, paired with Parnell, makes for a devastating combo combining damage amp with rockets+super solider.
Griffin, with the harpoon gun, has direct control over Kraken (to a point). The harpoon gun is very effective at bringing him down.

This team is also my second favorite make up of all hunters, and is also effective vs Goliath, but not so much against Wraith.


Sadly, you can’t predict the monster unless the team is on round 2 and the monster player is predictable.


Kraken: Caira, Abe, Hank, Parnell

Wraith: Lazarus, Abe, Bucket (Hank), Markov

Goliath: Laz, Maggie, Hank, Hyde.


Completely disagree on Laz and Markov.

Wraith has an easy counter to Laz; pop a decoy, eat the corpse. I’ve done it PLENTY. And why Markov? His lightning can’t hit an invisible Wraith, while Hyde’s flamethrower actually -reveals- her position ( like Goliath revealing cloaked hunters with flame breath ).


Against Wraith, I think Bucket, Hyde, Abe, and Caira is an incredibly effective team (also my favorite team roster).

Bucket’s turrets are the team’s best friend, as they will attack the wraith the moment there is line-of-sight. No sneak attacks for wraith!
Hyde, the obvious assault choice, excels in short range, and can make the wraith one toasty monster. Toxic grenades also help with Bucket’s turrets for area-of-denial.
Abe, with his stasis grenades, can fill a large area to make sure the wraith doesn’t go anywhere anytime fast, even when invisible. Further adds area-of-denial, so the places wraith can go is getting pretty cramped.
Caira, for chasing down the wraith with speed, and mostly supporting Hyde to make sure he deals as much damage as possible.

This is definatly my favorite team of hunters, can work against the Goliath, but suffers a bit vs Kraken.


Can Caira’s grenades also light wraith on fire?


Absolutely! I’ve been lit on fire by Caira’s napalm 'nades a few times.


For wraith I would go with lazarus, abe, Hyde and hank
Hank gives the team some sustainability to counter wraiths burst damage
Abe’s darts are probably the best counter to the wraith speed and stealth, and his stasis grenades will slow down the real body during decoy
Since wraith is a high burst damage monster I’d go with Laz to prevent strikes
I picked Hyde a te assault both because his flamethrower reveals the true target, and his toxic grenade can prevent the wraith eating dead hunters


Well there you go! Another reason for me to put Caira on my list against Wraith!


I primarily use Kraken when I’m the monster, and to be honest, I hate going against Laz, Bucket, Abe, and Parnell. They are SO GOOD against Kraken. Abe uses those fucking stasis gernades, and Parnell’s fucking auto shotgun is a BITCH. And if Lazarus has enough shots on Kraken, then those turrets are gonna make Kraken-sushi.


While I’m asking questions about a cloaked wraith, will Maggie’s harpoon traps catch a cloaked wraith? And will they target the decoy if it gets close (I’m not sure cause I don’t play Maggie much)?


I feel like Kraken has a few deadly hunter teams it could go against. Lazarus is effective against him as he can’t really deal with cloak well, but Val is also great for Tranq. Val + Abe are able to basically lock the Kraken in place. Piggybacking off those two, all the supports and assault can be good. Bucket to lay turrets and toss rockets, Hank to orbital(which I find to usually be tough on the Kraken otherwise), Cabot to damage amp for assault.


You are indeed correct. Val and Abe together DO WORK against a Kraken, but I feel that even if his mobility is limited, he’s just going to attack WAY MORE. And we all know Kraken packs a punch. Lazarus is more important against a Kraken in my opinion. But alas, just my personal least favorite team to face.


And you gotta think. Any smart Monster will play the evasive game until he’s ready to fight. Val and Abe take that away.


hyde cabot caira abe

maggie hank parnell laz

griffin hank val parnell

markov and bucket are both are ok against all monsters if you don’t know who the monster will pick


That lightning gun will ABSOLUTELY hit an invisible Wraith, as long as it’s being arc’d to it. Not direct fire, but arc fire will hit. Unless my eyes played tricks on me, I’m about 99% sure my lightning gun was hitting the invis Wraith.


Goliath - Maggie, Markov, Val, Hank
Kraken - Abe, Parnell, Lazarus, Cabot
Wraith - Maggie, Markov, Val, Bucket (Hank)


For every monster:
Abe + Val + Cabot + Parnell. Tag monster and never let him go away.
You can change Val with Caira if you want fast run and better heal but less control and dmg.


Hank for survival, Bucket for DPS and Cabot for burst damage.
Markov for DPS, Hyde is for burst damage and Parnell is somewhere between.
Val is for stable healing, Lazarus is for nullifying burst damage and Caira is for burst healing.
The trappers are not as simple to explain, they do crowd control in different ways.

Burst damage is pretty good against the Wraith. But it is up to your playstyle really.


maggie holds the monster down
abe lets people get away from the monster
griffin keeps the monster off people