What team to use to fight Kraken


Okay, so my team and I have had real issues dealing with Kraken lately, I’m wondering what tips you guys had to deal with him. I feel like we’re getting killed because of bad team building and the spamability of this particular monster.

Any tips to help nudge us in the right direction would be appreciated.


Torvald is great against a Kraken. Try him.

Don’t get angry if you can’t land mortars on him, it takes lots of skill to do so.


Assault - Torvald if u are good whit him if not Parnell and Markov are great too
Trapper - Abe or Jack
Support - Hank ( u need shield ) bucket and kala can do a great job too but they didnt hv shield.
medic - i dont know but i would say Lazarus and Val or maybe Caira whit her speed boost to dodge his abilitys

Worst Hunters are Sunny and sadly my main Granny Lennox


As a medic player I rely on shields a lot, I think a big problem is my support has been on a Cabot kick lately so I’ll tell him to try out his Hank again.


Assault, Torvald or Hyde.
Trapper, Abe or Crow
Support, Hank.
Medic, Rogue Val.


I usually kill it with my charm.


Torvald: deal serious damage with both weapons especially with krakens big head
caira: similar to gorgon kraken is best at focusing and spreading damage so i’ll go caira for both
(mad)maggie/abe/jack: all to bring the kraken to the ground and deal massive damage(hint if your jack tell your assault that your gonna put him on the ground!)
hank: because those shields baby and orbitals punish the kraken in aftershock and lightning(hint go damage resist because you gonna be a big target)


Val/Rogue Val + Hank + Abe/Crow + Markov/Blitzkov



Laz/Hank, Bucket




Markov/Hyde [Blitz is discouraged. It’s easy to break out of his range which makes him do less damage over time than vanilla Markov.
Parnell (mostly for AS-build Krakens).

*If you can practice it vs Kraken. Get some tips from @Torvald_Stavig. Try to get Trapper to make small domes so you can get under him more for mortars.

From the groups you can pick and mix a bit. The Medic/Support combos are recommended, but if you can make something else work, you can go with it. Slim can work, but you need small domes, and it won’t be easy.

Best comp from my experience is;


Catch him S1 and deal heavy damage. Need a good dome to get that damage. Don’t run in one group chasing him, spread out a bit so you can deal damage as he tries to hide. Trapper should be on banshee control (Markov can help with this if you take him).


A good Kraken is going to strong combo you. If you can space out a lot and keep distance so he can’t AoE you then Val is your medic for the quick heals (Caira can work and provides a certain extra utility in her speed boost). If your team aren’t co-ordinated then Rogue Val sops up the splash.

The trapper is really up for grabs, I’m not sure there is a really bad choice and it really comes down more to who you feel most proficient in.

Abe and Crow are good picks because they’ll keep the Kraken fighting to stay in the air. however this isn’t always the most important thing since a lot of Krakens currently alternate between ranged attacks then coming in for close blitzes. IMO Griffin is probably still the best against Kraken for all around utility, though doesn’t excel in any one way. WLM can absolutely fill this gap too since.

As others have said, an early dome is vital on Kraken, so Crow and WLM actually come out strong in this way.

Support I’d say it’s important to use either Sunny or Hank. The damage incoming in a short space of time is so much less of a problem with some shielding. That said I don’t think Cabot is a bad choice either as long as your team really knows what it’s doing to avoid damage and clearing banshees.

I’ll defer to the assault players on who the best Assault is, I know people say Torvald or Markov in general.

So if it were me, who would I want?

Val for the strong heals and slows
Crow to search out feeding paths quickly with Gobi and keep a good stasis on Kraken from range
Hank to shield out the combos
Markov to keep popping the banshees and applying the damage.

I feel it’s more important than anything that everyone runs movement speed or jetpack recharge as their perk too.


Markov - Jack - Hank - Val

This composition is THE strongest overall one in the game.


I feel there’s very little Jack brings against a Kraken that Griffin doesn’t do more readily and usefully. But if you’re a confident Jack player then sure thing, use it.


Markov or Torvald
Griffin or WLM
Val or Rogue Val


Blitz Markov if the Ping is good
Abe for constant, effective cc
Beam team
I feel Val is the only medic that can possibly keep up with Kraken’s damage.


This is all great advice, currently working on this with my team. Greatly appreciated.


kala hyde crow and slim


:assault:- Torvald or Parnell

:trapper:- Crow

:support:- Hank or Sunny

:medic:- Val or Rouge Val


Hyde (jetpack recharge)
Abe / Crow (jetpack recharge-movement)
Hank (capacity)
Val (dmg resistance / jetpack recharge)

This team is anti Kraken

Hyde is the best assault against kraken only if combined with good trapper … crow or abe can bring him down with stasis


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