What team setup do you use?


I made a post in a Behemoth ‘counter’ post and I actually quite like putting this information on paper. Our team picks and their strengths. If you are a good player you might actually know this stuff and almost never need to think about it. But some teams still struggle picking a good setupt. Something that is a must, even in random groups!

I made a list that is really good against Behemoth and the Goliath, of course not everything is there as there are over 256 combo’s to make with 16 characters.

  • We tried Laz + Bucket + any trapper + Hyde

  • A lot of fun to play and it keeps both the Monster and the team on their toes.

  • With perfect cloak swap, very hard to counter and very punishing for the monster when he commits to a kill

  • The moment the monster looks at Laz funny, you cloak. Call out when your cloak is halfway through, let bucket pick you up and keep you cloaked. This setup is fatal if you want to force revives, wait and bait :slight_smile:

  • Everyone except Laz takes health regen as a perk. He takes reload for extra healing.

  • We tried Caira + Hank + Griffin, Abe or Crow + Torvald

  • Get stasis or harpoon on the monster, orbital + mortar, GG

  • Hank + Caira is always good for tank and spank, Torvald’s burst damage makes it even Steven.

  • We tried Slim + Hank + any trapper + Markov

  • Focus lies on spore grenade + mines and having hank to balance out focus damage. When committing to a fight, orbital away.

  • We prefer Maggie in this combo because everyone is quite slow and this setupt doesn’t really have the flexibility to revive downed players. Daisy can help with that and catch the monster a little quicker.

  • We tried Val + Sunny + any trapper + Parnell

  • Good slow + speed combo, little risky with Val. Parnell is amazing with Val weak spots. Sunny is good to balance out focus damage and jetpack the trapper and Val to safety. If Val does die, all stand 10 meter apart and be in range of the drone, nuke the shit out of the monster and the chances are still quite high.

  • Val takes health regen perk to stay safe after a jetpack boost. Take priority on Tranq shot over healing. Be very careful with Healing burst swoops.

  • We tried Laz + Cabot + Abe or Crow +Torvald

  • This one is the most punishing combo you can imagine. Use the trapper to get the monster in stasis. Use 150% damage amp and nuke the monster with mortar. You eat away almost all armor in one go. Permanent health damage soon after.

  • Let Lazarus stay at a safe distance, the monster cannot commit in these fights, it’s far too punishing. Only revive when needed. Don’t take any risks, and DO NOT stack.

  • This combo doesn’t work as well against a airborne Kraken

  • Cabot + Torvald both take capacity increase for extra damage.

  • Remember to cloak swap if Lazarus gets focused.

  • We tried Caira + Sunny + Griffin or Crow + Markov

  • Impossible to get away from once they found you.

  • Take Griffin for more leash moments after a dome and better domes.

  • Take Crow for more control and to finish of stage 3 runners.

  • We tried Caira or Slim + Bucket + Maggie + Markov

  • As Behemoth there is little you can do against this CC, but everyone is quite close to you

  • Risk comes when you place your setup close to the monster. It’s better to turtle up and make a ‘fight zone’.

  • Really good team vs stage 3 monsters as well.

  • Choose Slim if you want to blind the monster against your gear.

  • Choose Caira if you want to be able to outheal spike damage.

I am very eager to learn what you guy’s pick, and even more interested in what you guy’s take to counter the Kraken. That thing in the air is more horrible than dog shit under your bare feet while you play Evolve. Might have exaggerated there a little, but it needs a counter that we don’t have right now.

Share your most epic combo’s and why they are good :slight_smile:


My favorite setup is beam team (Val and Hank), Crow, and Any assault (Preferably Torvald). The beam team is just sheer badassitude, and Gobi synergizes well with Val’s Tranq (The tranq works as a good intermediate point between Gobi and the stasis gun- keeps him highlighted and slow to give the trapper some room). Taking Torvald also works really well with this build- all kinds of weakpoints all over the monster at all times. Hank’s laser cutter and the autofire shotgun can take good advantage of those, as well as Crow’s kinetic rifle. Basically, Val supplements and enhances everyone else’s abilities and gives other hunters room to use other weapons (tranq-stasis rifle, sniper-shrapnel grenade, medgun-shield).


Me and my boys run Caira+Hank+Crow+Hyde
No real reason, we all just picked our favorite characters, and it just started working