What Support are you scared of the most?

Confirmed 5th support.

Bucket…I don’t care what anyone says, those turrets do HEAVY DAMAGE!

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Don’t worry brother, I’ll stand by ye side. I voted Cabot too.

I voted Sunny but then realized I’m wrong. It’s none of them.

None of them alone is scary. It’s only with the rest of the team they become scary.

Cabot with Torvald (especially when Jack is also there)

Bucket/Sunny/Hank with Slim/Caira and Jack/Maggie/Abe

Bucket/Cabot/Sunny(?) with Laz, Jack.

Unlike the Assaults where they can be scary regardless of the team comp, I think Supports are only scary when the comp is taken into account.

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I am not scared of any support - on their own.

It completely depends on what other hunters they have been combo’d with.

Ninja’d you to that <.< :stuck_out_tongue: Agree with you wholeheartedly.

Holy crap that was an awesome ninja! Did you post that just a millisecond before me, or did I just not notice o.0

I’m not really scared of anything on its own (unless it’s OP). Like when Torvald was OP, and I liked playing Bob. Then, I was scared of him.

I send it about 10 seconds before you :stuck_out_tongue: