What Support are you scared of the most?

In request to @Wolfgang, what Support are you most scared of fighting as Monster?

  • Hank
  • Bucket
  • Cabot
  • Sunny

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you mean support right?


Yes :sweat_smile:

no problem :wink:

This is a much harder choice. I’m really leaning towards Sunny, cause she can really ruin my day as Goliath.

Who picked Cabot? REVEAL yourself.

I think a good Cabot is the scariest, all your armour gone in one second. Gives me the chills.

And I picked Cabot :smiley:


Thaaaank you @10shredder00
Shawty… You da best, youda youda best

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I never faced against Cabot in a long time since everybody always wants to go with the best Hunters. I have to agree. Domed at S1 against Cabot would actually throw me off a little. Haha!

I fear Hank’s raw potential for life saving shields and game changing orbitals.

When I see Sunny, I fear how annoyed I will get at her double-defensive spammable toolkit.

sunny or cabot then bucket then hank.

A good team with cabot is nothing to sneeze at… they scare me the most as a wraith player…

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Definitely Cabot. His rail cannon and dust are kinda bad, but do not underestimate the damage amps power. That thing will shred your armor in seconds.

I chose Bucket because he needed some love.

Really? Hank? Come on guys! Hank is good yes but at least you know what you are getting because of how much he’s used and countering Hank is straightforward: KILL HANK. A good Bucket-Laz team makes you change priorities and comes down to the moment, which is very stressful for me as monster at least.
Hank draws out the game and lets me take my time and think.

I did choose Sunny however because if I’m not playing Kraken, that booster will literally be more annoying than Slim’s spores(too soon?).

Hank is awful against my Meaty. Slow damage on everyone is literally his worst thing to shield, and his lack of offense lets me get a real good fry going.

But a good Bucket or Cabot forces me to disengage before I can get cookin…

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you got to love that phrasing. Cooking huh? I might start saying that.

I picked Cabot. With Hank and Sunny, you have more time to play with. Cabot cuts that time significantly, and I’m always worried I’ll make a mistake under the pressure, or that I’ll underestimate him and be dead in a second.

You’d probably be able to burst down the Trapper if you played your cards right, and it isn’t a dome that’s ridiculously good for them.