What substances would the monsters prefer


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Alright kids. I blame you people for making me do this.


Better question, do you think that Caira’s ever called for a massive bomb filled with soy sauce to be dropped on a dead kraken, to see if it moves?




Goliath - Habañero Ale
Kraken - Kraken Rum®
Wraith - Vodka + Energy Drink
Behemoth - Fireball (get it?)


You playing me here boy?


Have you not seen the video of soy sauce poured on a dead octopus?


Well no.

10 of em


Well there you go


There I go what.


there you go get the soy sauce and a dead octopus and see for yourself ya bum! haha


My bad, I assumed you went to find the video. The soy sauce when poured over the removed tentacles of an octopus (as a meal) cause the tentacles to writhe as if they were alive. So what @mortalbound was saying is that Caira probably would have wanted to try it on Kraken to see if it had the same effect. And now this thread is way off topic! Feel free to PM the birthday boy if you would like it cleaned up. :smile:


Sake would probably suit the Kraken pretty well. xD