What Strategies Will People Use With Hunters Abilities?


For example I think that when my team kills a big meat I will put a sound spike in it so when the monster goes to eat it he will be tracked.


I think I would do the same I’m kinda waiting I till I get my hands on the game to really decide I do know I either want to be a stealthy monster or a beast of a trapper


lets see as Markov i cant wait to put down some mines then see about getting another of the team close to draw the monster in i expect 5 mines will do a hefty deal and if he wont come that is one hunter the healer needs not worry about as i am still blasting away, another one i want to try is wait for Maggie to get all her traps down and as hank be ready for the orbital and as soon as he heads that way launch it and home Maggie can keep him in it for a bit while i unload lazer all up into a monster, last one i want to see is the hank laz combo using hank more for def then offense and laz as backup giving sustainability over damage oh oh and griffin vs Kraken i want to know if his harpoons are better suited then Maggie’s for our flying friend.


I think griffin would be more effective then Maggie against the kraken but I think Maggie would be amazing agains Goliath


I believe that’s why they changed the tiers. Goliath is Tier 1, and Maggie is now as well. Kraken is tier 2, and Griffin has been changed for that spot.


When did they do that and how do the teirs work anyways?


This kinda stuff is exactly why I made this topic. :smiley: My favorite is the Maggie Hank one.


basically tiers are the directions you take to unlocking the characters.

like, Maggie being Tier 1 means first trapper Hunter, then enough wins, or even uses (I don’t know, that parts a guess) you unlock Griffin. using Griffin will probably unlock the Tier 3 currently unkown to the public Trapper Hunter.

Now since that’s a theory currently, my other theory is:
You have every tier 1 character to start. Goliath, Markov, Maggie, Val, and Hank.
Then you unlock the second tier through play, not having to focus just one.
which is Kraken, Hyde, Griffin, Lazarus, and Bucket.

Those are my two theories as to how the tiers and the unlocks are currently working. Evolve’s team may change the tier system, for monsters or hunters, any time they would like, making my current lists void. If they do I will try and update it for you. :slight_smile:


I think currently you unlock next-tier characters by completing a specific set of “goals”. So for Val it might be restore X amount of health, then you unlock Lazarus. You’d unlock the last tier Medic by reviving X amount of people as Lazarus. Same sort of thinking applies with the other classes.


I honestly have no clue, but I’m not opposed to putting my best guesses out there for everyone to see :slight_smile: Especially since I tried to preface with the fact that I don’t honestly know, but am guessing. Honestly I think your way would be much more fun for overall playthrough.


I can’t say that’s 100% true, but I’ve seen a lot of Evolve interviews and it’s been described that way before. Maybe it’s changed since then though. Also, once you complete all of the requirements for a character then you become “elite” and unlock their perk.

Yeah, I like being given goals to complete. Just as long as they aren’t too ridiculous or demanding. I don’t want to have to 360 quick scope Goliath as Val to unlock Lazarus for example :stuck_out_tongue:


If an unlock system is being used it’s likely because they want to have the basic and more simple version of the class at tier 1, so hopefully tier 3 will be a bit more unorthodox and interesting while being a bit harder to play effectively.


I’m going to be Bucket and just stay at the base and leave drones everywhere and then use the uav to help. Only downside is that I can’t use my missles but I can’t wait to hear their reactions when they lose their entire shield build-up in 5 seconds from my drones.


I can’t wait to hear your teams reaction when they’re all down and you’re sitting at the base thinking dropping turrets in one area of the map they’re probably not fighting at was helping.

Even if you did drop them where the fight went down, they aren’t that powerful and die quickly to the monster. No way you’re doing a full armor bar in damage with them.


Not using healing burst with Laz’ when I know it might reveal my position… ¬¬


you’re kind of forced to do that. it’s better to keep a teammate alive and reveal yourself then to let them die and try to sneak up for the revive. In any game with an experienced monster vs. a laz the monster is going to keep a close eye on downed players.


I don’t think it’s better to keep a teammate alive and being killed as THE medic !.. x)

What I say is only “be really aware of your use of healing burst !”


To be fair, I’ve only seen the Heal Burst used a couple of times during the E3 streams. Or maybe I’m a fool and missed some completely at times!


Personnaly, from the monster view it was hard to actually spot and identify Laz in general … but sometimes you turn off and just see a big green smoke there and you know Laz is in this area.


Hello just joined the forum after doing some creeping around.
I can see a strategy where the hunters play completely defensive in their perk choices and just guarding the objective. I’m worried of that becoming a viable strategy after seeing some gameplay at the E3 tournament. The Kraken had full armor and health at stage 3 and it still came down to wire albeit mistakes were made.(on both sides) That could very well “break” Hunt mode.

Another strategy at the end of the game that could buy time and make monster players angry, would to have the medic player (preferably laz with that cloak!) be far away, but within line of sight of the objective. This way he could “interrupt” the monster’s attacks on the generator with his sniper. This way, even if the other three hunters go down, the medic could stall and let hunters come back over and over and run the time down. This would force a fight on laz, but the monster has to find him. (remember he’s far away harder to see in the foliage) Even if the monster finds him, he could cloak and try to revive his fallen comrades. I’m interested in the range of the sniper rifles.

These are two examples of what I would try testing in the Alpha that sadly, I didn’t get to join. one tear If they are in fact viable, I would try to find a solution or this game could get annoying. (for the monster that is)

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