What so you expect when you have an Elite hunter in your team


I’ve seen people with Elite skins getting into the exact same situations I, who hasn’t completed the tier 2 challenges, get into. Such as facing a monster with full health, armour and a buff at the relay with everyone on 2 strikes

Is everyone grinding or does elite mean nothing


Most people I’ve talked to with elite characters have just been grinding.


Doing a task repeatedly doesn’t equal the finesse of on the fly effective strategy and quick reaction time. You can expect they have played a lot of that character and should have at least a good understanding of how to play them. There are no guarantees beyond that point.


Yeah, high levels of the person in general seemingly don’t say much either since I expected Level 30+ to generally play with people who had a clue but this morning got paired with 3 randoms that were hopeless. I get the idea some people like to “play” a game to get all the “stuff” and not to actually enjoy or be demonstrably good at it in any way. :disappointed_relieved:


As someone who has 3 elite characters (all trappers) I can say that having a mastery does not mean you are some godly player who never loses with that character.

If someone has elite character it means he really likes playing with that character and he, in fact, did spend a lot of time playing with that character. Maybe he worked towards those masteries, maybe they just came naturally while he was playing. Doesn’t matter, he played him a lot.

People with elite characters know how to use that character, they know how to use all of his abilities, not just spam single ability/weapon whole game. They understand their character’s strenght and weaknesses. They do however still make mistakes. Like the rest of us, they are still learning the game, trying to get better. You should not expect someone with elite character to be the best player on the server, but you could expect him not to make usual beginers mistakes and are generally quite fun to play with/against. Also, having 10% buff in all abilities is really, really nice.


I’ve always liked to say that your level shows more of how much you play over how well you play. Still, people who are elite with a certain character should be able to play it better than others. I’m tier 2 with Hank and I honestly think I play it better than other people. The average for shielding is around 700 and I always have at least 3 times that, and my orbital barrage is always over.

Then again, I got into a lobby of all level 20+ this morning and I’ve seen numerous level 5s play better than them.


Yeah, that seems to be a common problem. Even if you got dominated and lost horribly, you still get points for playing. There are so many people I get teamed up with that still don’t get that shooting the monster outside of the dome makes it get away faster. I’m talking +25.

It’s frustrating, but that’s how it goes. I don’t have the highest level, but I’m not dumb enough to just randomly throw bullets at a monster.