What Skins Are In Evolve Ultimate Edition?


So tonight I’m going to order an Xbox One from Amazon along with a few games, including Evolve Ultimate Edition. What skins are included besides the Elite skins? Does every monster have a skin?


T5 has a complementary Victory Skin. The normal hunters have predator skins, and a bunch of free skins for adaptations.

Goliath has the savage skin and all the monsters have heaps of free skins. But no, not really you won’t be getting any special skins just because you got the ultimate edition.


Magma Goliath
Magma Kraken
Magma Wraith
Victory Emet
Victory Kala
Victory Jack
Victory Lennox
Scarab Gorgon
Gold Gorgon
Arctic Slim
Arctic Sunny
Arctic Crow
Arcitc Torvald


Thank you very much! To bad there’s no Behemoth skins in the Ultimate Edition.


Sadly no, so if you want Behemoth to have any you have to buy them, which I only bought Sandstone for him right now, possibly Jade or Moonstone eventually. Also none of the Hunter or Monster Elite skins are unlocked, you have to earn those.


Goliath comes with the Clownfish, Savage, and Frostbite skins
the Hunter adaptations come with a bunch of skins,
all the T1-T4 Hunters come with Predator skins
the T1-T3 Assaults all have the Dragonscale skin.


I’m pretty sure that Behemoth gets the Jade skin with the season pass.


Nope. That’s with the PC Monster Race (or just by paying the $2.99). The only Monster skins in the Season Pass 1 are the Magma skins for the first three.


Behemoth isn’t a part of any season pass, but I believe the Jade skin is included when you purchase him. I got it for free at least, but I also got Behemoth as the preorder bonus.

And the cosmic skins for the first three monsters are also included in the PCMR edition, so I would imagine they are included in the ultimate edition as well.


wont he get gold gorgon skin also
does ultimate get t5 ?


Um… I have all those listed already


oh i missed it then my bad


Oh joy Amazon is going to make it take until monday the 29th for the Xbone to get here. Even with Prime.


Oh that’s what it is then. I have the PCMR so that’s why I got it for free.


He should, I got Gold Gorgon with the Ultimate Edition on X1, he should also get Scarab Gorgon.


The Cosmic skins and Jade aren’t in the Ultimate. I have it on PS4. I wish they were included. I love the look of Cosmic Wraith’s blades!


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