What should we do to try to get Slim's bounty?


Any ideas in taking him down for his bounty? name your ways in which you would do to take Slim down.

My idea of taking him down is to send a wild @10shredder00 after him.


If you do that, nothing will be left over to be recognised as a Basilisk Soldier. So, bad idea if you want the bounty.


Now all we need is me on King Kong and Slim on Mrs.Whatsherface.

@Sepiablitz Good luck collecting that bounty.


It’s simple…

[SPOILER] We kill the Batman![/SPOILER]


I found slim’s kryptonite


But he’s a fly, that kind of Raid will be ineffective.


Then this will get the job done

He won’t know what hit him


Omg take this thing away from my beauty Gorgon O.O


This. But bigger.

He won’t stand a chance!


How about we create a monster that is specifically designed to just explode in a giant nuclear bomb killing everyone but only critically wounding Slim (he’s a roach). Then he chop his legs off and take him to Hub.


personally i’d pick him up and place him in a very soft bed where he can get a nice rest and afterwards he lives a happy life which he greatly deserves


Send in the bounty hunters…


Turn a bug zapper into a lightsaber


That guy on the right look like slim’s brother. You can’t help slim out like that, I need these keys





Why wld you hang that up? It so tantalising…

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