What should the next community challenge be?


I wonder what the next challenge would be. I hope it would involve Behemoth because he doesn’t have many skins. I think it would be land a certain amount of tongue grabs. What do you guys or gals think?


Bob won’t get a challenge, at least not for a while since not everyone has him.

Medic’s are up next. :val_cute: :lazarus_cute: :caira_cute:


Doesn’t laz count as “medic” or you mean skins for all medics


Somewhere the devs mentioned whoever didn’t win the challenge would have the next one. Since Kraken won, medics are due to receive a skin challenge. It will likely be one of the medics with a stretch goal for all medics.


@smqc is correct. If Laz won last weekend, this weekend would have been a Solo Kraken challenge. But since Kraken won, this weekend is a medic challenge. I’m hoping for Val.


Tranq monsters for a total of 10,000 hours? xD


please no…


I’ll hate the world if the next challenge is hit the monster 1 billion times with Vals sniper

I already see no heals in the future


I’m up for it. :wink:


Maybe a challenge weekend where I can play what I’d actually want to without being frowned upon…


After Laz vs Kraken what about Sunny vs Behemoth?


There won’t be any T4 challenges for a while because not everyone has those characters.


People seem to enjoy needlessly complaining about anything and everything Wraith-related, so I doubt it. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think a Maggie verse Behemoth would be cool. Since Maggie knows about the Behemoth’s from Factor. The dialogue seems to suggest Maggie is out to get Behemoth. It would be a show-who-the-boss-is sort thing :stuck_out_tongue:.


Do Fire Breath Damage with Goliath. If we win, we unlock Orion Terrorsaurs! :heart_eyes: ( @Quirkly @Wompy Agreed?


I bet (once again) the next challenge will involve Caira.




Thatd be awesome.


I don’t blame them, Wraith is one of the more frustrating Monsters to play against without a premade considering the playstyle of the majority of Wraithplayers.
But yeah, my Wraith is already benched for now until we get a proper matchmaker. It’s only Behemoth/Goliath now since those are the Monsters I have the most fun playing against myself.

Just saying, as cool as those challenges were in the beginning to try out new setups and all, it somewhat forces you to play a certain Hunter/Monster to not feel like a douche for picking something else for the whole weekend. Though I wouldn’t mind another Goliath challenge I guess. (as long as it doesn’t include charge…)


Alright Guys, we need to make a poll about this, because more people than just me are interested. @MidnightRoses @Quirkly