What should be my first smartphone?


Ok, i’ve been putting off getting a smartphone for several years, finally going to cave and get with the times because my current phone’s keyboard is dead and no new standard phones look any good. I’m going to go buy a smartphone tomorrow. Which smartphone do i buy? My carrier is Verizon.


I would recommend iPhone. I’ve had the 3GS, 4, 4S and 5S model and all of them have been really good. Only criticism is that the battery life is relatively short. If you use it as frequently as I do then you’ll need to charge it at least twice day


Android all the way. The new Galaxy S5 looks great. I just prefer the Android OS personally. :smile:


Having both the IPhone and other Android devices, I’d say personally go with a Samsung Galaxy. They have huge viewing screens and while seem a bit bulky right away, are still small enough to fit in your pocket and have a ton of great features.

IPhones anymore are just hyped or nostalgia at this point. Only reason back then I bought an iphone was it was nice to have a phone and ipod all in one…Now, well that doesn’t matter really.

Also Windows phones are nice too with Windows Glass if you are into that sort of thing.


my main concern with windows phone is the lack of apps. Its supposed to have significantly less then both android and apple, right?

I think the significantly shorter battery life of smartphones is going to be one of the things that will be the hardest to get used to. Along with having to type on a touchscreen. So it looks like the 3 obvious choices is the lg g3, that is being released on verizon tomorrow; the galaxy s5, and the HTC One. Looks like of those 3, the galaxy s5 has the longest battery life and is the lightest. But has half the memory of the other 2.


My android lasts for 2-3 days with minimal use before I have to recharge. One full day if I am on it constantly.

I can’t speak much on the windows phone.


Oh good lord, a phone war lol. I have LG G2 and really like it. I have an IPad mini which is alright, but I’m not a big Apple person. Seems a bit over priced to me


I’ve played with both Apple’s IOS and Google’s Android OS. It all comes down to your needs. I prefer Apple’s IOS because to me it’s simple. Remember, Iphone 6 is coming out this fall with a bigger screen.